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The influence of portable file format on Web publishing

III. web publishing format

web publishing can be divided into HTML and PDF



cgi, whose full name is common gateway interface; The common ramp interface and the description language of the servo end are of the same type as the description language of the client. The instruction execution environment is different. It works at the servo end and sends dynamic HTML files to the client through the translation of the servo end. The general description language (JavaScript or VBScript) is to transfer the program code to the client and translate it directly through the browser

asp full name is active server page; The function of the dynamic page on the servo side is similar to CGI. Just install the interpreter (ActiveX scripting engine) on the web server (ActiveX scripting host), and the host can call the engine to execute the script. Active server pages are completely embedded in HTML and are described using (JavaScript or VBScript)

cgi/asp's biggest function lies in its connection with the database, that is, each time it issues a command to the server through the browser, queries the database through the server language, and then compiles the results into HTML and transmits them to the browser for literal translation to get the results. In this way, the dynamic results of pages will be different with the update of the database source, so it is not necessary to update HTML every time in order to update data, which will cause difficulties in page management


java was created by Sun Microsystems in the United States. It is an object-oriented program similar to c++, but simpler than c++. The biggest feature of Java is that it can be executed across platforms, no matter sun, windows, Macintosh, os/2, UNIX or even electronic products. On the Internet, Java is imported and executed from the browser through HTML, and usually executed through Java virtual machine program. Because it must be converted into the machine code before execution, poor performance is its disadvantage


javascript and presumably this is also the common feeling of many instrument users in China. VBScript belongs to a kind of literal translation language. It is a description language used in HTML files, and its characteristics are literal translation by the client. The use of javascript/vbscript reduces the burden on the servo end. Not all commands need to be executed on the servo end, such as the dynamic effect of pages, This is suitable for using javascript/vbscript through client-side execution


css full name cascading style sheets; Cascading style sheets are a set of extended standards formulated by the W3C association to make up for the shortcomings of HTML. The function of CSS is to make HTML as diverse as possible in style layout. CSS currently has two versions: 1.0 and 2.0. After Netscape 4.0 and Internet Explorer 4.0, CSS has supported the 1.0 specification, but the effect is different. At present, the 2.0 specification is only supported by Internet Explorer 5.0, and it is not fully supported


flash is developed by Macromedia company. It mainly displays the function of interaction and multimedia on the page. Because its design is a multimedia program of the page, there is no layout style problem under HTML, and it uses vector graphics combined with sound effects to achieve the effect of multimedia pages. It can be executed directly through the browser under Windows98, and it can also be used in Netscape versions after 4.5. Otherwise, it is necessary to obtain the pulg in deployment software before execution to show its effect

(II). Pdf

pdf full name portable document format; Portable document, which was published by Adobe in 1992, is composed of: the first layer contains the text and image of the document, the second layer contains the efficiency parts, such as bookmarks, hyperlinks, guides, etc., and the third layer includes the basic information and cross reference table of the file

pdf, like Java, can also be opened on any platform. It can be read by Adobe Acrobat Reader or by the browser using the plug-in method. In terms of file size, due to the built-in compression function, files can be compressed directly. The compression methods include JPEG, CCITT group3, group4, zip, LZW, etc. Pdf uses postscript language to describe text and graphics, so there is no problem of layout style in production. It also supports JavaScript execution and digital signature to achieve the principle of confidentiality

adobe also published acrobat4.0 tool program, which is mainly used to make PDF files. In particular, it can be online to the Internet and make HTML into PDF files, but it will be invalid for Java and pages that refuse access, and it will only be effective for English pages, and the rest will be confused by font problems

html and PDF are two different ways of web publishing. Html is more suitable for online expression. The cgi/asp, Java, javascript/vbscript, CSS, flash and other methods it uses either need to connect to the database to obtain pages or need to execute programs to produce effects. Even if the HTML results are stored, it is difficult to access all parts, And it can produce the effect of access denial through instructions. These factors mean that if it wants to obtain pages, it must be constantly at the cost of online

pdf is transmitted to the client computer and then read by Adobe Acrobat Reader. Its advantage is that users do not have to be online at any time. After downloading, they can be offline, and PDF is a file that can complete all effects. Unlike HTML, which uses links to grab multiple files, its whole design is like paper electronization, and there is no way to express the effect of multimedia, The advantage of using electronic products is lost here

participation and current situation analysis

nowadays, the mode of online publishing has been made on the Internet, which is basically based on the collocation of electronic newspapers and stations, that is to say, it is mainly based on the distribution of HTML, and it is basically free. The way for stations to survive is mainly based on online advertising or sponsorship from owners

the emergence of online publishing has a great impact on the existing media, such as the main media: television, newspapers, magazines, have also set up exclusive stations for themselves, and the traffic of stations is also different due to the influence of "real-time". For example, for TV stations, the real-time performance of TV is much greater than that of stations. In addition to messages, TV also has pictures and sounds. The whole feeling is more intimate than that of computers, and the TV can be received only by opening it, while online access requires additional fees. Therefore, the effect of TV stations is worse than that of TV stations. On the other hand, newspapers and magazines' stations have poor real-time performance due to their issuance time ranging from one day, one week, to one month. Therefore, the establishment of stations has become an auxiliary of print media, which improves its timeliness and gives the public the latest information, so it can attract the public to browse their stations

introduce several common online publishing stations in Taiwan:

1 PC home group: it uses the distribution method of station to cooperate with the magazine. Several magazines are issued by itself, and about 20 electronic newspapers are issued. The magazine is issued in the form of monthly magazine, while the electronic newspaper is issued in the form of daily publication. The content of the magazine and the station electronic newspaper are not the same, that is to say, although the name is the same, it is operated in the attitude of two media, and it is not purely electronic information

2. Zhongshi electronic newspaper and Lianhe: Zhongshi electronic newspaper is the station of China times, and Lianhe is the station of Lianhe newspaper. Both of them mainly provide content in the form of electronic information, that is to say, if the new news you see is not the newspaper content of that day, it is the newspaper content of the next day. Basically, the whole can be seen again in the print media

3. Seedland electronic news: its website belongs to digital United Telecom, and its content is launched in cooperation with other industries. Some of the content can be seen in print media, and some are only distributed on the website

4. Personal electronic newspaper: This is one of the main reasons why the number of electronic newspapers on the Internet has reached thousands. Although the number is small, the types are difficult to count. There are Guanghua shopping mall magazine weekly, Meier station electronic newspaper, etc. most of them are issued by the personnel who set up the station. Their organization is small, and the content is mainly inverted metallographic microscope. The purpose and function are mainly based on the aspects that the station personnel are good at, so their object is a very small number of focus

IV. conclusions and suggestions

I. conclusion

from the current pattern of online publishing, we can find that the advantages of online publishing are:

1 Fast access to information: whether the information is in Taiwan or the United States, it can be obtained from the Internet at home

2. Personalization of publishing: in the past, if it was a print media, you might need to buy the next publication for a few pages of information, but in the case of online publishing, you only need to retrieve the required information, and even Canada became the first country to announce that BPA toxic materials can be customized for you

3. Easy to find information: whether in online databases or existing documents, you can use a more convenient way to find the desired information than print media

4. Economic scale: if there is a book with only 200 people in the market, or the volume of content is not enough to produce a book, then there is no need to worry about the expensive printing cost, and it can even be achieved by personal publishing

5. Environmental protection: reduce the use of ink and paper

6. Risk reduction: no longer need to invest a lot of money in the marketing of new authors


1 Lack of security: both transaction security and data security are serious problems

2. The problem of intellectual property rights: Although copyright is the protection of works upon completion, reproduction is an easy task if materials are circulated on the Internet, and the arbitrary circulation of materials will lead to the problem of copyright

the problems are:

1 The problem of data transmission: no matter the size of the data, the lack of bandwidth leads to many messages that cannot be transmitted quickly

2. Reading habits: it takes a certain amount of time for the human eye to move from being used to reading printed matter to the screen

3. Portability: Although information is readily available, computers can not improve the performance of composite plastics and cannot be carried around

4. Font: when browsing a language that is not supported by the computer system, there will be garbled code. When publishing online, you can only use the font set by the computer system, and other font types cannot be displayed

second, it is suggested that with the development of broadband network, data transmission has gradually become available to the public; Reading habits can only be changed from personal habits; The problem of Portability has been the research and development of many kinds of handheld computers or e-books, but it still has the problem of the comfort it can give readers; The problem of fonts is a long-standing problem. One way is to publish in PDF format, which can be embedded in fonts in archives

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