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The influence of the transfer of paper teeth on overprint

j2205 offset press transfers the paper from the experimental machine table of the paper feeding pair to the teeth of the embossing cylinder by swinging the transfer teeth, so as to carry out one-sided and two-color printing. The paper delivery teeth play the role of transportation and Bridge in this process, and complete the work of receiving, transferring and placing paper. These works are completed in a certain position according to certain rules. For example, 1: when the experiment is not conducted for a long time, if the paper handover cannot be completed according to the specific rules due to the reasons of the paper delivery teeth or other factors, it will cause the fault of inaccurate overprint

in the daily product sampling inspection, we found that in the same batch of products, without any change in its rules, with the increase of printing speed, the products showed a variety of rules (front rules), and the imprint gradually moved in the direction of pulling slightly, while the size in the direction of pulling rules did not change. Therefore, we analyzed and overhauled the J2205 machine with this phenomenon

the paper is fed by the paper feeder, transferred to the front gauge, and then positioned by the front gauge and side gauge. The paper is in good condition. We print at four printing speeds of 5000 pieces/hour, 5500 pieces/hour, 6000 pieces/hour and 6500 pieces/hour respectively, and compare the size of the front gauge of the product. The results show that the four front gauge sizes are basically the same, while the size of the side gauge direction is basically the same. That is to say, as the speed of J2205 increases, the imprint gradually moves towards the direction of dragging. It can be seen that in the process of receiving, transferring and placing paper by the paper delivery teeth, the paper is closed and pressed when it is held by the embossing roller's teeth, resulting in a small amount of displacement of the paper during the printing process. The key lies in whether the swinging paper delivery teeth complete the action according to the standard. So we focused on the inspection of the paper feeding teeth, especially the observation of the force points at the main movement, and the disassembly of the parts connecting the paper feeding teeth shaft and the main shaft of the paper feeding teeth. The results showed that the three needle roller bearings fixed on the swing paper feeding teeth shaft were dry ground between the needles due to a long time of oil shortage, which increased the gap between the needles, and a few needles were missing in another bearing, which increased the gap between the needles in the bearing. In this way, when the printing speed is increased, the demand of the industry between the inner and outer rings of the bearing will directly affect the consistency of the distance between the vanadium market. The distance between a certain two points of the inner ring and the outer ring is sometimes large or small, which will affect the quasi industry of the paper delivery teeth to hand over the paper is to ensure the correct position, resulting in the diversification of printing rules

through the above analysis, we timely replace the bearings of the same type and lubricate them, and the above phenomenon will no longer occur

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