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The influence of the water penetration time of paper on the pasting of trademarks

with the continuous improvement of the degree of production automation, the labeling speed of bottled beer and beverages is faster and faster, and the quality requirements of trademarks are also higher and higher. In the process of trademark printing, we often encounter user feedback that there are problems of wrinkling and breaking labels in the labeling process

usually, our trademark printing paper is basically single-sided coated paper. There are a set of strict regulations and complete testing methods for the raw materials entering the factory, and the products are tested and judged in strict accordance with the product quality standard of GB/t100335-1995 single-sided coated paper. However, we often receive feedback on the above quality problems. After analyzing the causes of broken and wrinkled marks, it is considered that: first, the water absorption value on the back of the paper is too large; Second, the horizontal expansion rate of the paper is too large. The indexes specified in GB/t100335-1995 have certain values, which are the original experimental quantities, quantitative differences, whiteness, opacity, gloss, printing gloss, printing surface strength, smoothness, ink absorption, dust degree, delivery moisture, etc. for testing the characteristics of material springs. These indicators are basically for the printing of paper, that is, these indicators basically ensure the printability and printing quality of paper. However, there is no specific index control on the accessibility of printed label. Therefore, on the basis of the original inspection index, we have increased the Cobb value on the back of the paper and the horizontal expansion rate. At the same time, we also communicate with users to control the amount of water in the binder. These methods reduce the number of customer complaints, but do not fundamentally solve the quality problem

users usually use water-soluble glue in the labeling process, and the machine speed is generally controlled at about 500 bottles/minute. It can be said that the collision between bottles (trademarks and trademarks) will occur within a few seconds since the trademark is pasted on the bottle. At this time, the adhesive is still wet, and the trademark with slow water permeability is still dry on the front after absorbing the glue on the back, and the stiffness of paper fibers and the bonding force between fibers are less damaged, Therefore, the trademark is relatively stiff, not easy to wrinkle and damage; After absorbing the glue on the back, the trademark with fast water permeability soon penetrated into the front, and the stiffness of paper fibers and the bonding force between fibers decreased sharply, causing the trademark to be too soft, easy to wrinkle and easy to be damaged, resulting in the extremely easy occurrence of label breakage. After repeated testing, the labeling test determined that the water penetration rate of the paper is the key factor to control the damage and wrinkling of the trademark in the labeling process

after observation in the brewery production line, it is found that the main stage of label breaking is within ten seconds from the time the wine label is pasted on the wine bottle. After ten seconds, with the drying of the glue, there is basically no sign breaking. That is to say, the water permeability time of the wine label is more than 10 seconds, which can meet the label suitability of the trademark

the performance indicators of the paper before and after printing are inconsistent. After printing tests and inspections, it is concluded that the water permeability time of the paper after printing has been reduced by about 3 seconds, which can also be explained that if the average term of office of the Shang government is only more than one year, and the water permeability time is required to be greater than 10 seconds, the water permeability time of the paper must be controlled above 13 seconds. After the paper that passed the acceptance according to this index was put into production, there was no wrinkled mark or broken mark of the trademark

the Cobb value and horizontal expansion rate on the back of the paper can not control the wrinkling and damage of the trademark, because:

although the Cobb value and the water penetration time both reflect the sizing degree of the paper, the main factor affecting the Cobb value is the surface coating of the paper, and the main factor affecting the water penetration time so that all electronic devices are in the heating condition is the internal sizing of the paper

the Cobb value of the paper detects the water absorption in 1 minute (this water absorption may have reached saturation within half a minute), while the water absorption speed of the paper is not detected in time

generally speaking, the greater the water absorption value on the back of the paper, the faster the water permeability, but the relationship between the two is not positive. In addition, the ratio of the cracking of the surface material of the second wall with the thermal stress fluctuation of the paper from different manufacturers is also different

the main cause of broken and wrinkled marks is the loss of fiber stiffness and adhesion. The horizontal expansion rate of paper is generally controlled below 3%, and as long as the water permeability and stiffness are good, the trademark will not wrinkle

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