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Scandals or trends? 2017 has passed quietly. Driven by the "trend" of Lianhua and electrification, the automotive industry has undergone profound changes both in the future development planning of enterprises and in product strategy. In order to meet this change, the management of each enterprise has also undergone relevant adjustments. However, the companies represented by Uber and Samsung have continuously exposed a series of "scandals", and the management is also facing a reshuffle. The following are the top ten eye-catching personnel changes in the global auto industry in 2017 compiled by Gaishi automobile for your reference

first, Samsung "crown prince" was imprisoned in the future strategy office, and two executives resigned.

in early 2017, former South Korean President Park Geun hye's series of scandals triggered the global community. The subsequent bribery, perjury and misappropriation of public funds of Samsung Crown Prince Li Zairong also attracted widespread attention in the industry. Driven by the trend of industry smart alliance, Samsung is also constantly deepening the field of automotive electronics and car alliance

Li Zairong is the only son of Li Jianxi, the head of SamSung group, and the third generation successor of SamSung group. In 2008, Li Jianxi retreated from the background to recuperate, and the power of Samsung Group has been gradually transferred to Li Zairong

in the early morning of February 17 last year, South Korean media reported that the Seoul Central District Court approved the second application of the South Korean special prosecution team on Friday morning and issued an arrest warrant for Lee Jae Yong, the actual controller of SamSung group, on charges of bribery, perjury and misappropriation of public funds

after Li Zairong's arrest, the future strategy office, the top decision-making body of SamSung group, is also facing disintegration, and the two senior executives cuizhicheng and Chang Choong ki have to resign for Li Zairong's imprisonment. Cui Zhicheng has been the head of the future strategy office since 2012, and is actually the second in command of SamSung group. Chang Choong ki is responsible for the external affairs of SamSung group

Second, promote emerging mobile travel Ford appointed Dai Jiahui as vice president of business strategy in the Asia Pacific region

in March 2017, Ford Motor Company officially announced that today, Ford Motor officially appointed Stephen Dyer as vice president of business strategy in the Asia Pacific region of Ford, in order to accelerate the business transformation and become an integrated automobile and mobile travel company, and this appointment took effect on March 14

after taking office, Dai Jiahui will be responsible for the strategic design and planning of the company's core automotive business in the Asia Pacific region and the emerging mobile travel field, including the relationship with joint venture partners. Dai Jiahui has rich knowledge and experience in the strategic development of enterprises in China and the Asia Pacific region. At the same time, his keen insight into the transformation of the mobile travel industry will also help promote the future development of the company. Dai Jiahui will report to Xiao Dawei, vice president of Ford Motor Company Group and President of Asia Pacific region, and John casesa, vice president of Ford Motor Company global strategy group

III. adjustment of several senior executives in Toyota China

Toyota Motor Company recently announced the position changes of several senior executives in some parts of the world. According to Toyota's official sources, this personnel change has officially taken effect since April 1, and the following is the situation in China:

now the executive director of Toyota Motor Corporation, the copy Minister of China headquarters, and the general manager of Toyota Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Toyota (China)), Tetsuo Ogawa will be responsible for Toyota Motor Corporation's North American business in the future, and will no longer be responsible for China related business; At present, Hiroshi Kobayashi, executive director of Toyota Motor Corporation, copy director of China headquarters and general manager of GAC Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., will serve as general manager of Toyota (China) and copy director of China headquarters

Yuzhu Jibo, the executive director of Toyota Motor Company, was promoted to the executive position and became the general manager of GAC Toyota Motor Co., Ltd

general Ichiro Aoping, who is now a professional of Toyota Motor Company and the general manager of Toyota Motor Research and Development Center (China) Co., Ltd., left his post. Now, the executive director of Toyota Motor Company, kiyoshiya Nakao, was promoted to the executive position, and became the general manager of Toyota Motor research and Development Center (China) Co., Ltd. and the executive deputy general manager of Toyota (China)

IV. the share price fell by nearly 40% and the CEO of Ford Motor was fired

in May, Ford Motor said that in order to further strengthen its core automotive business and accelerate its strategic transformation to invest in emerging society, it decided to appoint Jim Hackett as the president and CEO of the company

on May 22, Ford's share price ended up 2.1% to $11.1, but the increase was not particularly obvious. Ford's share price plummeted 40% during the tenure of former CEO Mark fields. In the past year, Ford shares fell 16% due to concerns about the decline in sales and speculation that self driving vehicles may shrink the future car market

Hackett, the new president and CEO of Ford, was the former CEO of Steelcase, an American office furniture company, and has served as the executive chairman of Ford intelligent mobile company, a subsidiary of Ford since March 2016. Hackett is famous for its innovative reform in Steelcase and has led the company safely through the downturn and recession of the industry

According to Bill Ford, "Jim Hackett is the most suitable CEO who can lead Ford to achieve successful transformation in the field of automobile and broader mobile travel. He is far sighted and can integrate a unique people-oriented leadership model into our corporate culture, products and services, and fully tap the great potential of employees and businesses."

v. can we survive the crisis? The management of Uber has changed greatly

uber has spared no expense in rapid growth and weakening its competitors. However, this year, Uber caused public relations disasters after public relations disasters due to its lack of corporate discipline, leading to the resignation of enterprise executives and managers, and there is no sign of slowdown designed specifically for the use of injection molding and extrusion molding in the medical and food industries. Since the beginning of this year, 13 high-profile executives have left, but there are not many suitable candidates to take over

the resignation of Uber executives began with two sexual harassment investigations, which were due to the blog post of a former Uber employee in February, which pointed out that sexual harassment and gender discrimination had occurred in the company. Shortly after the post became popular, Amit Singhal, Uber's senior vice president of engineering, was fired for failing to inform the company that he had been accused of harassment at Google, his former employer

even the top leadership was not spared in the wave of Uber's resignation. In February this year, a video broke out online, in which Travis kalanick, the CEO of Uber, argued with a driver of the company. Then Jeff Jones, the president of Uber, resigned, saying that it was incompatible with Uber's philosophy. The head of Uber communications and public policy and the head of the Ministry of finance have also resigned

on June 21, the New York Times reported that Travis kalanick, the founder of Uber, officially resigned as CEO. According to people familiar with the matter, kalanik withdrew because investors put pressure on Uber after many turbulence. Previously, on June 14, Beijing time, kalanik had hoped to take an indefinite vacation

however, it seems that the resignation of kalanick did not solve Uber's current dilemma...

VI. after the decline in sales and the shutdown storm, Hyundai China changed its leadership.

in September, Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. said it had changed its business head in China. The appointment was accompanied by the decline in sales caused by the tense diplomatic relations between China and South Korea and the shutdown of four factories in modern China caused by the interruption of parts supply last week

Hyundai spokesman said that Tao hung than, who has Chinese ancestry, will replace Zhang Yuanxin as CEO of Beijing Hyundai, and did not point out the main reason for the change of command. In October last year, Zhang Yuanxin took over the post of general manager of Beijing Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. from Li Bingyi, so Zhang Yuanxin held the post for less than one year

Beijing Hyundai was exposed to the news that four factories were completely shut down due to arrears in payment to suppliers. The supplier that caused the shutdown of Beijing Hyundai was named Beijing yingruijie. According to an official letter issued by the company, Beijing Hyundai stopped supplying goods to Beijing Hyundai from August 22 due to the lack of working capital due to the unpaid payment of 111million yuan. It is understood that Beijing Hyundai has not paid the company for goods for six months. At present, the total sales of Beijing yingruijie is 850million yuan, of which the sales from Beijing Hyundai is 580million yuan, accounting for 68% of the total sales

VII. Tesla's vice president of business development resigned 16 executives this year

on September 13 local time, Diarmuid O'Connell, Tesla's vice president of business development, announced his resignation from Tesla. According to the statistics of zerohedge, a financial blog, O'Connell is Tesla's 16th senior executive to leave this year

a Tesla spokesman said, "In the past year, O'Connell has played an important role in helping Tesla grow from a small start-up to a global company. After O'Connell leaves, Jon McNeill, Tesla's global sales and service director, will take over his team and responsibilities.

the following are some of Tesla's recent departures:

kurt Kelty: left in August; served as Tesla's battery technical director in 2006

c HRIS LATTNER: resigned in June; In January, he left apple and joined Tesla as vice president of autopilot software

jason Wheeler: he left in spring; 15 months as chief financial officer of Tesla

mark Lipscomb: Vice President of human resources

satish jeyachandran: Director of hardware engineering

sterling Anderson: resigned in January; Be responsible for the whole project of Tesla autopilot and report directly to Tesla CEO musk

VIII. Great differences in business philosophy Stefan sommer, Global CEO of ZF, resigned

on December 7, 2017, Dr. Franz Josef paefgen, chairman of ZF supervisory board, and Dr. Stefan sommer, CEO of the company announced that Dr. Sommer would leave ZF immediately after friendly negotiation. During the vacancy period of the CEO of the company, Konstantin Sauer (58 years old), a member of the Finance Committee and deputy representative of the CEO, will temporarily replace the post until ZF announces a new successor

Sommer once pointed out that the government interfered with the operation and management of enterprises. He also revealed to the media, "what he needs is freedom, and the shareholder structure of the company should not restrict the future development of the company."

after Sommer left office, a ZF engineer revealed to the local media: "I'm not sure whether Stefan Sommer is a suitable candidate for the CEO of ZF, because he always wants to establish a global enterprise in his mind. For the Friedrich hafen municipal government, their idea of ZF is completely different from Sommer's idea."

IX. PSA Tang Weishi replaces Daimler Zetsche as the chairman of ACEA.

Carlos Tavares, CEO of PSA group, will replace Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler, as the chairman of the European Automobile Manufacturing Association. His appointment will take effect from January 1, 2018. Tang Weishi said in his speech that after taking office, the focus will mainly be on automotive safety and energy conservation and emission reduction

Tang Weishi said, "the focus of 2018 mainly includes setting realistic energy conservation and emission reduction targets, further improving vehicle safety, and protecting and enhancing the competitiveness of the European automotive industry." Headquartered in Brussels, ACEA represents Europe

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