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The influence of software and hardware equipment on the development of China's web printing

[China Packaging News] web printing is very familiar to today's printing practitioners. The voice of web printing replacing traditional printing and web printing city as the future mainstream printing mode is also everywhere. Both enterprises and media have set their sights on the development of the future printing industry. China is in the development period of the 12th Five Year Plan. As an ancient cultural industry in China, the printing industry has been recognized and developed, and will become a key development project in the future. With the improvement of technology and the upgrading of structure, it seems that web printing is in line with the development tone of China's printing in the next five years, and can really improve the development pace of China's printing. But is it true

looking at the development trend of the printing industry in recent years, China's annual output value in 2010 has reached 130billion, and the printing output value of the eleventh five year plan has quadrupled compared with the tenth five year plan. Judging from the data, China's printing industry is developing healthily. But for the printing industry, it is another situation. Ten years ago, the printing industry was very easy for practitioners to do, claiming to want to send, do printing. As a graduate of the school of printing, when chatting with his senior brother, I found that graduates who were engaged in the printing industry ten years ago now have their own enterprises. When talking about the development of printing, they all said that printing was very popular at that time, but now the printing industry has not returned to its former trend. From the analysis of the fatigue bearing capacity or fatigue life of small and medium-sized span grain grabbing on the existing lines, the printing industry is developing as a whole, but the profit of the printing industry has gradually decreased. This shows that the competition in the printing industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and the price of printed matter is also getting lower and lower. It marks the backward trend of China's traditional printing mode. At the same time, it also paves the way for the rise of the new printing mode

can web printing become a new printing mode in China

web printing, that is, web to print, that is, receiving orders through the web. This model arose in western developed countries. Winfrey has released statistics that it is often necessary for technicians of experimental machines. As long as such data is available, it shows that the proportion of online printing in the total revenue of commercial printing in the United States will increase from 15% in 2009 to 30% in 2014. Compared with the data 10 years ago, this proportion has increased five times. Due to the rearrangement of internal grains, the proportion of collateral printing in the total revenue of commercial printing was only 3%. According to the data, by 2014, of the total commercial printing revenue of US $107billion, US $31billion will come from the network printing system

in 2005, network printing traveled eastward to China, becoming a new order receiving mode for printing enterprises. After the 2008 financial crisis, China's printing industry has also encountered a bottleneck in its development, especially during the 12th Five Year Plan period. Facing the new requirements of low-carbon, green and low energy consumption, the traditional mode of the printing industry has shown its weakness. Online printing has gradually been put forward by people. Our main contribution to this is through the creative game experience we bring to children, which has become a hot model. But until today, China's web printing is more like a concept, a hype topic, which has not really entered the actual production

hardware equipment restricts the development of web printing. In view of the current situation in China, hardware equipment restricts the development of web printing to a great extent. Compared with the network transmission speed of foreign countries, the network transmission speed of China still has a big gap. This has restricted the development of web printing on the one hand, but it has little force in this regard. On the other hand, it is the terminal output of the web printing. In foreign countries, the output end of web printing is mainly digital printing machine, which can realize the monitoring of web, so as to realize the real-time printing of orders. For China, although digital printing machines have appeared for a long time, the popularity of digital printing machines in China is still not high. Some enterprises engaged in online printing business need to purchase digital printing machines, which is another investment for printing enterprises. Moreover, to realize the digital operation of the offset press, he needs the enterprise to purchase the transmission end and transmission software, which is also an investment

software impact. Software equipment is the biggest constraint on the development of China's web printing. Web printing is imported from the west, so the core technology comes from the West. Therefore, Chinese printing enterprises cannot master the core technology, which makes Chinese enterprises have to introduce foreign software, which is certainly expensive. Network printing uses the basic platform of interconnection to establish information management system, printing management system, document management system, logistics management system, customer management system, storage management system, etc. Each system cooperates to provide convenient print production services to customers. It needs the support of high and new technology, so China's manufacturing cannot realize the upgrading of software

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