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The influx of foreign capital in the tea beverage market triggered an industry reshuffle

Coca Cola, the world's carbonated beverage giant, has entered the tea beverage market four times, joined hands with Nestle to launch iced tea and spread it to more than 20 cities with bottling plants in the country

Beijing Yanjing Beer Group, one of the liquor giants, will launch beverage products in May. Iced black tea, raw tea, green tea and other tea drinking series have become its main products

another giant in the liquor industry, Tsingtao Beer Group, will officially launch oolong tea beverage produced in cooperation with Asahi Corporation of Japan in June at the latest

Jianlibao group, known as the flag bearer of the national beverage industry, invested in the construction of a beverage and food project with an annual output of 300000 tons, with tea and fruit juice as the main body in Daying county

founder, who comes from it, also chose Jianlibao as his partner to use Jianlibao production line to process tea drinks

Master Kang, which has occupied half of the tea beverage market, recently launched a brand-new package of iced green tea products

before the chill is over, people can strongly feel the summer heat wave coming. In the beverage areas of major supermarkets, counters selling beverages in shopping malls, and water bars in streets and alleys, the shelves are full of carbonated and non carbonated beverages of various brands. Among them, tea drinks with health, green, fashion and convenience as selling points play an important role

the industry predicts that packaged tea drinks will lead the third beverage wave after carbonated drinks and bottled water. According to the data from the China Beverage Industry Association, the output of tea drinks in China was less than 200000 tons in 1997, and the total output was about 185 tons in 2000. By 2002, it was close to 3million tons, with an average annual increase of more than 200%. There is no doubt that bottled tea has become a fashionable beverage in today's Chinese beverage market. With huge profits and potential market, the competition in the tea industry is becoming more and more intense

"laymen and semi laymen" have tried the water

Coca Cola and Nestle, the world's two major beverage giants, jointly created "Nestle iced tea", which opened the prelude to the competition in China's tea beverage market this year

the investment of Coca Cola (China) this time is unprecedented in terms of capital and manpower. When calling Coca Cola (China) to learn about the distribution and sales of "Nestle iced tea" across the country, the reply was "the general manager of business has been busy running in major cities across the country". In addition to relying on McDonald's network, Bingshuang tea will completely copy queer's distribution channels. Coca Cola aims to win a double-digit share of the tea market this year

recently, Beijing Yanjing Beer Group, a layman in the beverage industry, is also actively planning to launch beverage products in May this year. According to Li Fucheng, chairman and general manager of Yanjing, Yanjing's beverage products mainly include iced black tea, raw tea, green tea and fresh orange juice. The price will be the same as that of similar products in the current market. It is expected that the market supply this year will be more than 30000 tons

coincidentally with Yanjing, the news came from Qingdao that the oolong tea beverage produced by Tsingtao beer in cooperation with Asahi Co., Ltd. of Japan will be officially launched in June at the latest. To this end, the two companies last August. What is the reason for the pointer jitter of the metal impact testing machine? Qingdao Tsingtao Beer Asahi Beverage Co., Ltd. was established by injecting 70million yuan in June

Jianlibao group, known as the flag bearer of the national beverage industry, has also made new moves in the tea and beverage industry recently. It has invested 2billion yuan in Suining City to build a beverage and food project with an annual output of 300000 tons and an output value of more than 1 billion yuan, with tea and fruit juice as the main body. At the same time, it will build a beverage packaging with an output value of 500million yuan. 2. Reducer 1 is generally used for transmission equipment projects with low speed and high torque

founder, who comes from it, also favors tea drinks. He chooses Jianlibao as his partner and uses Jianlibao production line to process tea drinks

in the face of the full participation of many beverage and non beverage enterprises, the veterans of the tea beverage industry are going all out to share the gradually increasing tea cake, hoping to occupy more market share

according to the information obtained from uni president beverage company, "uni president" has invested much more in the production of tea drinks this year than last year, and the target production and sales volume has increased by more than 30% over last year

coincident with "unification" is "Master Kang". It is learned that Master Kang will never invest less in the tea and beverage market this year than last year

it is difficult to earn money in the tea market

insiders believe that in addition to the strategic consideration of the enterprise's own development, the huge potential and profit space of the tea market are more important

Huang Chunqing, product specialist of unified beverage company, believes that tea drinks have low technical threshold and production cost, and the profit is almost the highest among all kinds of drinks

in addition, according to sun, chief engineer of Beijing Dongfang Xingqi food industry technology company of Beijing Nutrition Source Research Institute, the direct cost of producing tea drinks was originally not high. Chief engineer Sun said that a set of filling equipment needs to invest 400000 to 500000 yuan, pet pet bottle blowing production line needs to invest 300000 yuan, and the raw material cost of a bottle of beverage is only about 0.3 yuan. Even if all the expenses are converted, the cost of a bottle of beverage is only about 1.2 yuan, but the retail price can generally be sold to about 3 yuan. Therefore, the current production of tea drinks still has a high profit margin

almost all tea and beverage manufacturers avoided talking about the conclusion of chief engineer sun

even if the profits of the tea and beverage industry are as said by chief engineer sun, the money in the tea and beverage market is not easy to earn

two to three years ago, Coca Cola launched tea drinks three times, but the market failed. The "heaven and earth" launched in 1999 has basically turned to purified water; In 2000, "Lanfeng" was born in a famous family and positioned high-end, but he was too arrogant to be popular, and the market response was flat; The sunshine lemon tea, which was mainly created in 2001, has attracted a lot of attention in Guangzhou, Shenyang, Wuhan and other cities. The market has been in a "cold drive" state, and a spark has not spread to the whole country. In this regard, Zhao Yanhong of Coca Cola attributed it to "at that time, we didn't pay special attention to the tea market because we didn't estimate it enough. As a result, other competitive brands took the lead"

the overall operation of Tsingtao beer and tea beverage was also "difficult to explore" in 2002. It is understood that the actual advertising cost of young beer and tea drinks in 2002 far exceeded the 8million Yuan approved by the board of directors at the beginning of the year, but the overall sales volume was far from reaching the expected goal. Tsingtao Beer tea beverage adopts the general distribution system in the market operation, that is, it borrows some of the original sales network of Tsingtao beer, which leads to the overstock of some customers' products, especially in East China and South China. Although Tsingtao beer and tea drinks are really popular in front of Qingdao, their sales are not ideal from the perspective of the national market

brand extension should be cautious

all kinds of capital have poured into the tea industry, reminding people of the concept that has been popular in the economic circles in recent twoorthree years - brand extension, and brand extension is also a "double-edged sword"

it has been nearly three years since the cake of tea drinks was separated as an independent industry. The tea industry, which is in the growth period, is still waiting for the market to be standardized and mature

insiders believe that the problems caused by newcomers entering the tea industry are not only brand extension, but also poor channel expansion and insufficient marketing investment. The major mistake in the operation of the young beer tea beverage market is to borrow the existing network sales of Tsingtao beer. On the surface, we can find that there are different structures in the pressure testing machine, which seems to be a shortcut, but after careful analysis, the defects in marketing will be exposed. Although both beer and beverage are drinks, there are great differences in their marketing channels. Tea drinks mainly go through the ready to drink channel, while beer mainly goes through the catering and household consumption channels. The outcome of positioning the two products in the same channel can be imagined. Coca Cola's "three times of tea is unbearable" illustrates the problem

it is understood that the tea market demand will continue to expand this year, which will inevitably promote many small brands to join the market, coupled with the involvement of many well-known brands, the reshuffle of the tea industry in 2003 is no longer inevitable

Huang Chunqing, product specialist of uni president beverage company, said that this year's tea beverage market will enter the stage of clarifying the market. What is most likely to happen is that big brands work together to fight a price war, and then remove small brands from the market. Chang Huang Chunqing said that because big brands have a certain production scale, the cost of a single product will be lower. In addition, there are some fixed consumers in the market, even if they fight a price war, they will still have more profit space than small brands, At that time, small brands will be overwhelmed and forced to withdraw from the tea beverage market. According to Huang Chunqing, Master Kang, Tongyi and other major tea beverage brands are likely to take the lead in provoking a price war, and the trend of the tea beverage market this year will also largely depend on the performance of these major brands

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