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Looking for the most beautiful builder

looking for the most beautiful builder | Shandong temporary workers' Tiktok short video competition has begun

China Construction Machinery Information

an urgent order, 7500 builders and nearly 1000 sets of mechanical equipment gathered in Wuhan and issued a military order to all Chinese people to "build a life-saving hospital with 1000 beds in 10 days". More than 50million people paid attention to it. From the official commencement of the first day of the lunar new year to the completion on February 2, the construction of Huoshen Mountain hospital actually took only 8 days, and the "construction speed" conquered the world

when the national crisis comes, engineering robots like soldiers rush to the front bravely, and you will shout "where the motherland needs me, I will be there"

on weekdays, however, your persistence and diligence in ordinary engineering construction posts will be discounted; Reason 2 is reflected in the future after-sales service, driving the construction machinery, building a beautiful city, and promoting the "national business cards" to forge ahead

at present, the epidemic is not completely over, and infrastructure projects are in full swing. You are once again committed to the world and contribute your strength. You are the most beautiful builders

the "looking for the most beautiful builder" short video competition of temporary engineering group has started

come on, pick it up and shoot a short video to show the beauty of Engineering robots. Let the world see that infrastructure projects are rising all over the world and shout out, "builders, come on!"

activity time: June 1 - June 26, 2020

operation steps:

1 In the Tiktok app, search and pay attention to the official Tiktok account of the temporary group "temporary group"

2. After paying attention, search the topic of "looking for the most beautiful builder"

3. Click "participate" under the topic of looking for the most beautiful builder to shoot or upload a work that conforms to the theme

4. Before release, the works shall be provided with words in the format of "\find the most beautiful builder + release content @ temporary engineering group", and finally released

5. If you can't operate the Tiktok app, you can also send a short video + text to the "Shandong Lingong sdlg" official account

video requirements:

1.3d recycling machine helps 3D printing plastic materials "less waste" works need to include the scene lens of Shandong temporary equipment (loading, digging, road leveling and high-speed machines can participate)

2. Whether in the video or in the text, how do you express your region, project brief description and the model of temporary equipment you use? Other free play (for example, I am now in Jinan, Shandong Province to participate in the construction of municipal projects, and I drive a temporary 680f excavator, which is very durable and fuel-efficient. Temporary refueling. China refueling!)

3. It is suggested that the best way is to introduce the characters on camera, score more points, and increase the probability of winning prizes

4. The content needs to be original shooting and editing

5. There is no limit to the number of works each person can participate in the release activities

6. There are no restrictions on the form of works, including cool display, creative scenes, professional introductions and funny jokes

award selection:

according to the video shooting or editing quality, theme expression, content creativity, visual presentation, praise volume and other dimensions, The following awards have been comprehensively selected:

the most beautiful builder

· selected by the temporary work jury

· Huawei Nova 6 (1 person in total)

the best camera award

the most creative award

the strongest scene award

the best shooting award

· selected by the temporary work jury

· Huawei mat e 10 one film (1 person each)

the best expression award

· a beautiful model

· selected by the temporary work jury (30 people in total)

best Popularity Award

· top 30 Tiktok likes

· one Bessie cup (30 people in total)

what are you waiting for, talented people? Use the lens to find the most beautiful builders, let the world see the great rivers and mountains around you, salute the struggling self, and act quickly

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