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Changzheng cloud successfully held the 2.0 online conference and launched four upgrade highlights

on April 17, aerospace Avenue successfully held the long march cloud 2.0 online conference. Focusing on the theme of comprehensive upgrading and industry empowerment, the conference annotated the innovative value and industry empowerment of Long March cloud industrial interconnection from two aspects: platform upgrading and ecological cooperation upgrading. More than 2200 people watched the live broadcast and participated in the interaction

Long March cloud is an independent, safe and controllable industrial interconnection platform created by China Academy of launch vehicle technology of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. It has the remarkable characteristics of simple equipment on the cloud and complete security system. The platform technology has reached the domestic leading level. Since its release in april2019, the long march features: the small volume cloud has provided services to more than 500 enterprises, accessed more than 40000 industrial equipment, and enabled nearly 30 partners. With the application of Changzheng cloud in advanced intelligent manufacturing, safety production monitoring, remote equipment operation and maintenance and other fields, the product team has a deeper understanding of the industry, scenarios and customer value, and Changzheng cloud 2.0 came into being

platform upgrade, industry empowerment

on the basis of minimalism, security and openness, the long march cloud 2.0 version has greatly improved the platform function, UI interface and ease of use, and launched four upgrade highlights:

1 Launch the business model mechanism

Long March cloud 2.0 launches the business model mechanism. The business model is to refine the common domain solutions and sink them into the platform to help us quickly build applications that meet the common domain needs. At present, Changzheng cloud has introduced various business models such as safety production monitoring, intelligent heating and ventilation, machining/injection molding production line, etc. in combination with its experience in the field. Users can quickly obtain business data, display interface and special functions oriented to the field by selecting the corresponding project category when establishing a project. The business model is an important symbol of the transformation of Changzheng cloud from a tool product to a platform product. Changzheng cloud and its ecological partners will continue to provide business models for more industry fields to realize the rapid landing of industry value

2. Launched the second generation of daoebox II edge computing gateway

daoebox II supports a variety of physical interfaces and mass communication protocols, which can realize rapid access and communication of equipment. At the same time, based on the internally integrated PLC module, it can quickly build various edge computing algorithms, such as parameter processing, analysis, filtering, etc. Compared with the first generation full-automatic impact testing machine produced after pendulum heat treatment, daoebox II has smaller volume and more collection points. At the same time, it has added edge storage and jump upload functions. These improvements enable daoebox II to meet more application scenarios at a lower cost

3. Comprehensive upgrade of web interface

web tools are mainly used to meet the needs of on-site monitoring, data analysis, cockpit management, large screen display, etc. On the one hand, the web-based tools of Long March cloud 2.0 have greatly improved their beauty. In addition, they provide new data visualization methods such as cloud configuration and 3D model in the form of exhibition. The most important thing is that long march cloud 2.0 will provide the ability to freely configure page layout and controls, so that users can establish personalized interface exhibition through simple configuration

4. Analysis and statistics function enhancement

Long March cloud 2.0 has introduced improved and upgraded data analysis functions. The new function can build analysis parameters through free combination operation among multiple parameters of different devices and multiple aggregation operations of parameters in time dimension. Through the combination of the two operation modes, various complex analysis operations can be carried out, enabling users to obtain the required data insight

improvement and Optimization in four aspects most printer ink materials will shrink slightly during solidification, which has brought comprehensive capability improvement to Changzheng cloud 2.0, mainly in the following aspects:

1 More free configuration capability to meet the personalized needs of users

2. Give further play to the design concept of 208billion yuan of minimalist profits and taxes, and realize the rapid implementation of field value

3. Enhance the platformization attribute, give full play to and utilize the capabilities of partners, and create higher value for partners

ecological upgrading, industry empowerment

the innovative application technology and deep-rooted business needs of the long march cloud platform technology have laid a solid foundation for efficient enabling enterprises. At the same time, the ecological cooperation mode has also been upgraded and innovated, which is divided into two cooperation modes: shallow and deep. The forces of various types of partners are gathered from the five levels of Commerce, products, technology, industry and capital to jointly build a platform based ecological enterprise and enable partners, Create value for customers. At the same time, the long march cloud platform continues to empower the industry. The ongoing same program continues to provide a series of free services for small and medium-sized industrial enterprises to quickly resume production, help enterprises tide over difficulties and reduce the impact of the epidemic on the economy

The COVID-19 in 2020 is a major test of the country's emergency response capacity, logistics system and production scheduling capacity, as well as a major challenge to the traditional enterprise management mode, technical service capacity and business model. Faced with the dilemma of epidemic situation and resumption of work, new models are needed to solve the problems of docking resources and organizing production. Industrial interconnection can provide enterprises with new ways to link elements and production and management models. Long march cloud will shoulder an enterprise society in this special period and help customers realize digital transformation with better products and services

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