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Application of LonWorks Technology in the intelligent construction of Meilin three village residential quarter in Shenzhen. Intelligent building integrates modern building technology, modern communication technology, modern control technology, modern instrumentation technology and modern computer technology to provide people with a high-quality working and living environment and achieve energy conservation and environmental protection. In recent years, with the improvement of people's requirements for living environment, the concept of "intelligence" has also been introduced into housing construction

in order to beautify the living environment of residents, some large cities in China have asked to dismantle the residential anti-theft. In order to ensure the safety of residents, it is necessary to use modern high-tech means to strengthen the infrastructure of residential areas and realize the automation of security and defense in residential areas. At the same time, many residential developers and property management companies are aware that remote copying of water, electricity and gas meters in residential and office buildings is an important way to improve the property management level of residential areas and even cities. Before that, I talked with you about the fixture characteristics and the sign of the first choice method of the tension machine. Based on the above background, we designed a community security system and a remote automatic meter reading system based on LonWorks distributed control network technology for Meilin Village, a low profit housing residential area developed by Shenzhen housing bureau

technology selection

due to various reasons such as economy and good understanding, at present, the domestic understanding of intelligent housing is not deep enough, the requirements for the intelligent degree of intelligent housing are not high, and the one-time investment in the intelligent construction of housing is not large, which is the actual situation of the intelligent construction of housing in China. At this stage, the domestic intelligent construction of housing is mainly reflected in the installation of security systems and remote meter reading systems for water, electricity and gas meters in households

the security system is mainly provided by various anti-theft system suppliers. Most of them transmit alarm signals through existing lines. It has low efficiency, poor reliability, long alarm response time, high operating cost and single function. It can only realize the security function. Once other residential intelligent functions are to be realized, the new system must be reinstalled. The remote meter reading system is designed and installed by each water, electricity and gas supply company, which operates independently and is not related to each other. As a result, the work of the property management department in the residential area is difficult, the overall coordination performance among the systems is poor, the system operation and maintenance are complex, the upgrading and expansion are inconvenient, and the users have little choice for the intelligent functions in their own homes

in recent years, cable TV has also been used internationally for intelligent residential construction, integrating intelligent residential control (including security system, remote meter reading, etc.), closed-circuit monitoring, Internet communication, television, etc. However, due to the current three-layer master-slave structure adopted by the communication mode of intelligent controller on CATV, when the network is large and the load is heavy, the network efficiency is low and the network response is poor, which reduces the stability of the system and is not suitable for the requirements of control network in intelligent residence

it is impossible and unnecessary for the various modern technologies contained in the intelligent residence to operate on the same network platform in the implementation. They should show their strengths and different implementation platforms should be used in different aspects of construction. For intelligent control, a separate control network is used to realize all functions in the intelligent residence, such as security alarm, home appliance control, home environment control, and surrounding environment control due to the deterioration of performance, so as to achieve the best performance, simplify management, facilitate system maintenance, system expansion and system upgrade

when we design the intelligent residential system in China, we should follow several principles: first, low cost and high reliability; 2、 Easy to expand and upgrade, and realize intelligent functions step by step; 3、 A single control network completes all the control functions of the intelligent residence and all the control functions of the community; 4、 The complex structure is simple and the performance is excellent. Therefore, we adopt LonWorks distributed control network technology in the construction of intelligent housing

lonworks technology is one of the most popular universal control bus technologies in the control field in the world. It has been supported by the world's famous industrial control product manufacturers and has a wide range of applications. At present, it has been successfully applied in industrial control and building automation in China, and its application in intelligent residential quarters is still less. We choose LonWorks technology to develop the intelligent residential district system, mainly based on its following characteristics:

(1) the network topology is flexible and changeable, and different network connection modes of driving precision hydraulic cylinders can be adopted according to the structural characteristics of the building. It can minimize the complexity and workload of the cabling system, and improve the system reliability and maintainability

(2) LonWorks network is a point-to-point network without master station. The error of dynamic force value at any point of failure is one of the main performance indexes of fart experiment machine, which will cause system paralysis. The damage or shutdown of one resident node does not affect the normal operation of other resident nodes, reduces the difficulty of maintenance, improves the stability of the system, and ensures the network response

(3) neuron chip has built-in ready-made i/o objects, lontalk protocol, and uses high-level language programming, which greatly shortens the development cycle, improves the development quality, and can develop a stable and reliable system in a short time

(4) logical connection is used between LonWorks network nodes, which makes it easy to add and modify nodes in the system and facilitate system adjustment, expansion and upgrading

applying LonWorks Technology in the construction of intelligent residence can easily realize all functions of intelligent residence. The whole network structure is relatively simple and the network wiring is quite easy. For different functional requirements of users, it is only necessary to select different control nodes, write corresponding programs, and directly connect to the control network in the residential area. Physically, there is no need to make any modification to the network structure. Moreover, LonWorks network has excellent scalability. It is easy to expand subsystems, add functions, and connect two cell controls. The efficient development platform provided by LonWorks technology allows us to spend no time on network communication during system design and development, and can focus on the realization of specific system functions, enabling us to design mature and stable systems for specific tasks in a relatively short time

overview of intelligent control system and network structure of intelligent residential quarter

intelligent engineering design of Meilin three village residential quarter, including two 29 storey high-rise residential buildings with a total of 320 residences, has been designated as the national intelligent residential control system pilot project by the Ministry of construction, and has been listed as the recommended project by the national building intelligent system engineering design expert committee. Its

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