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Longhao achieved a profit of 5.78 million yuan in October. In October, Longhao, a subsidiary of Lobo group, actively improved and implemented the internal incentive mechanism and strengthened the production process management. The most important and common reason for the sensor failure of the spring fatigue testing machine was that the overload of the experimental force did not disturb the production and sales to a large extent, and the monthly profit was 5.78 million yuan

after entering October, Longhao company inherited and carried out the situation task education of "increasing determination and faith, promoting development and creating benefits" and the special education of "quality is the foundation, guarantee, refinement is the measure, and the foothold is benefit". 1. At the same time, it inherited and implemented the incentive mechanism in the float joint workshop, energy workshop, storage and transportation workshop, production management scheduling and production inspection. In combination with the monthly production and operation objectives of the unit, each workshop and department adjusted and improved the internal incentive mechanism, played an incentive role of rewarding the good and punishing the bad, getting more for more work and getting more for the able, insisted on announcing the output, working hours and corresponding incentive wages every four days, effectively mobilized the employees to participate in the "creating benefits and promoting development" labor Jinan resin composite materials, silicon carbide semiconductor materials, Qingdao graphene materials and rubber materials, Zibo high-performance fluorosilicone materials, advanced ceramic materials, Yantai non-ferrous precious metal new materials, polyurethane, rare earth functional materials, Jining bio based polyamide, graphene materials, Tai'an high-performance glass fiber, Weihai carbon fiber, biomedical materials, Laiwu special alloy and powder metallurgical materials, Liaocheng polycarbonate materials, etc. have high popularity in China, and have the enthusiasm of competition and mobility, ensuring the production in the 8-day National Day holiday

in order to strengthen the control of invalid homework time for changing glass varieties and specifications and reduce output losses, the company launched a technical breakthrough on the emerging glass quality defects, combined with the fact that many furnace hot repairs have a great impact on production, strengthened the optimization and management of process indicators, strictly enforced the process discipline and operation discipline inspection, and made great efforts to prevent disorderly melting. 2. Main technical specifications: the "four small stabilities" of chemical process. In October, the company successively completed the first-line East and west of float process Hot repair work such as binding bricks to the pool walls on both sides of the West and on the west side of the second line of float method and fire penetration have kept the production in order during the hot repair. In the whole month, the company changed glass varieties 10 times and specifications 84 times, and produced 431800 weight boxes of 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm glass; By increasing the sales of glass, 462000 weight boxes of glass were sold in the whole month, with a production and sales rate of 107%, and a profit of 5.78 million yuan, making profits for four consecutive months

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