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In order to implement the action requirements of the Youth League and Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League of China for "youth poverty alleviation, love and warm winter", and practice the enterprise spirit of "great love for mountains" and "dare to take responsibility", Zhuqing, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the labor union of the mountain reconstruction machinery, led the company's assembly branch, metal structure branch Linyi mountain heavy excavator sales Co., Ltd. further carried out pairing activities for the three "youth civilization" collectives including India customer service Sales Co., Ltd. and relevant personnel of the party, trade union and Youth League. It has formed a "one-to-one" helping pair with four poor student families in xibochi village, andI Town, Yinan County, Linyi City, the "first secretary" of the mountain reconstruction machinery to carry out long-term helping activities

this caring poverty alleviation activity has been warmly participated by all cadres and employees of the company. Everyone donated enthusiastically and gave their love one after another

love donation, mountain reconstruction machinery love warms people's hearts

love donation, mountain reconstruction machinery love warms people's hearts

zhangxinying went to the sixth grade of primary school in Andi central school, and was also the first poor family to be visited this time. Zhangxinying's parents divorced in his early years, and his father suffered from mental illness. He was hospitalized and lost his labor force. Zhu Qing and her party first came to Zhang Xinying's home to learn more about his grandparents' health, family conditions and difficulties in life. They pressed the "yes" button, carefully asked Zhang Xinying about his study, and gave him learning stationery, cotton padded clothes and consolation money, saying that they would try their best to help them solve their practical difficulties

liangwenda was in the sixth grade of primary school in Andi central school. He was the second poor family to visit. It is said that her mother is blind. Her sister liangwenju is now in senior three of Yinan No. 1 middle school. Her family is in difficulties and she mainly lives on subsistence allowances. Zhuqing hurriedly told her children to give feedback to the company's village secretary in time if they had any difficulties in life and study in the future. At the same time, she hoped that the company's village secretary would do a good job in helping the children's families

later, the group visited the families of laixiaoli and Weichen, and had a cordial conversation with them, encouraging them to strengthen their confidence, overcome difficulties and get rid of poverty as soon as possible

for each household, Zhu Qing asked in detail about the living conditions of each household, the huge business opportunities encountered by equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulators. At present, the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is not high, the education status of children and the needs of poor households. In order to send love and warmth to the left behind children from poor families, the mountain reconstruction machine sent school supplies, daily necessities and 1000 yuan condolence fund to the left behind children in xibochi village, so that the left behind children from poor families could feel the love

mountain reconstruction machinery has always been committed to social practice, relying on various organizations of the company to actively carry out various forms of care activities. The activity of "youth civilization" helping thousands of families in pairs to help them get rid of poverty is a concrete manifestation of it. In accordance with the principle of "targeted poverty alleviation and targeted poverty alleviation", the activity focuses on poor families with left behind children, and focuses on caring poverty alleviation and education poverty alleviation. The youth civilization group forms a pair of assistance with poor young families who have established files and cards, and actively carries out visits to their homes, book donations, academic assistance and other activities, We will effectively solve practical difficulties for poor families. (this article comes from mountain reconstruction machine)

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