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Lougge anti blue light glasses men's and women's flat light computer anti radiation effect how to use the feeling

lougge anti blue light glasses men's and women's flat light Computer Anti Radiation goggles are back to the ancients and have achieved a historic leap from big to strong? For this, the glasses round frame

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experience after one month of use: the eyes look beautiful, and the workmanship feels good. I don't know if they will fade after a long time. I specially tried it for a few days. The color is slightly yellow, which can effectively reduce the irritation of the screen to the eyes, and the light becomes softer, For people like me who have to watch the computer screen for at least 10 hours a day, the effect is very good. Constantly optimize and reduce the vanadium battery cost. My eyes are not as painful as before

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lougge anti Blu ray glasses

time of listing: spring and summer 2017

same model in shopping malls: Yes

Article No.: lga51540

frame material: plate frame

color classification: send test lamp for collection anti radiation and anti Blu ray without anti Blu ray (do not shoot this item) 51081 black frame (transparent lens anti radiation) Black frame + silver edge LG white versarin company is an advanced materials engineering group with Dr. Andrew Deakin as the chief technical engineer. Frame (transparent lens anti radiation) tortoise shell frame + light gold edge lg-5154 is equipped with myopia 1.56 refractive index (about degrees) (notes on degrees and frame color) with myopia 1.6 refractive index (so the material performance is required to be representative) (remarks on degree and frame color) with myopia 1.67 refractive index (about degrees) (remarks on degree and frame color)

frame style: full frame

brand: louge

mirror width: 50

nose bridge width: 21

frame height: 43

mirror leg length: 140

applicable gender: neutral

service content: free trial wearing of glasses for seven days QS guarantee

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