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London will add 1500 charging piles to achieve zero emissions again. According to the American media on August 4, this paper for Erb and his team was published in nature communications on October 23, issue 1, to achieve zero emissions of motor vehicles and build London into one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world. The London municipal government has made another effort to promote the supporting infrastructure for electric transport. The installation has two chuck infrastructure construction. It is estimated that by 2020, there will be 1500 fast charging piles for electric vehicles in London to encourage consumers to buy electric vehicles

recently, London mayor Sadik Khan announced that charging piles will be vigorously put into London residential areas to provide temporary parking for electric vehicle owners who do not have parking spaces and charge them at night. The city of London will continue to expand the coverage of fast charging stations, which can charge electric vehicles to about 80% of their electricity within 30 minutes

25 of London's 32 administrative districts will receive charging pile investment, which will reach a total of 4.5 million pounds (about 39.4 million yuan). Areas such as Thames River and Westminster integrate EV plugs into traditional street lamps and turn street lamps into charging stations. That is, only high-end consumers will choose to buy horizontal ones to meet demand and save costs

mayor sadikkhan said, "the increase of charging piles makes electric vehicles more convenient and practical in London. By 2050, we hope to achieve zero emissions in London's transport system, and we will actively launch more charging infrastructure to help achieve this goal." Sadikkhan also attacked the government's latest air quality plan in an article in the times, saying that the change in automobile consumption tax has dampened people's enthusiasm to buy low emission vehicles

mayor sadikkhan has a firm attitude towards handling the air quality problems in London, which may make London yield strength testing machine break away from the title of the most polluted city in Europe in the future. He will also implement a new "t-charge" from October 23, imposing a punitive tax of 10 pounds (about 87 yuan) on highly polluting vehicles entering Central London

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