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From July to November, the anti smuggling branch of Longkou Customs seized three consecutive cases of waste plastics smuggling, involving 1989 tons of waste plastics, worth about 7.36 million yuan, and arrested five suspect

it is understood that the processing of waste plastics requires strict equipment and cannot meet the technical requirements for normal use. Simple and rough processing will cause toxic and harmful substances in waste plastics to pollute the surrounding soil and water, Therefore, the waste plastic processing enterprises must obtain the import license issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration for the cheap imported materials that can be used as raw materials in the people's Republic of China for restricting the price of recycled waste plastics to be far higher than the rising price of plastic raw materials in recent years

according to the measures for the administration of the import of solid wastes, the transfer of licenses related to the import of solid wastes is prohibited. In case of transferring the use of solid waste import products in violation of the measures, the license issuing authority shall revoke the relevant license for solid waste import. Nearly every power supply department has the use license. If the case constitutes a crime, it will be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law

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