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A family of five in Shanghai has not had to turn on air conditioning or hot water for 11 years, and the monthly electricity bill only costs dozens of yuan. How did they do it

eleven years ago, Canadian sherry and Mr.

spent 1million to buy an old house with an area of 80 square meters in Shanghai alley,

spent another 250000 yuan to complete a magical decoration:

after the transformation, the temperature of the home remained at more than 20 degrees throughout the year,

there was no need to turn on air conditioning or hot water,

it also perfectly solved the problem of insufficient lighting in the old house

although from the original couple,

has become a family of five now,

but the sherry family's monthly electricity bill is only dozens of yuan,

in 11 years, the family has not renovated any place,

can be said to be the most cost-effective house in downtown Shanghai

my name is sherry, 43 years old, and I am Canadian. My husband raefer and I are college classmates majoring in architecture. In 2001, an architectural office in Shanghai wanted us to help them design projects in Shanghai, so we decided to come over and hope to accumulate several years of work experience

we think Shanghai is very lively, especially the "alley" in this city. It's very interesting to see how Shanghai locals live every day. So we rented a 50 square meter house in the alley of Jing'an District

the house has a history of about 100 years. Because the transportation is very convenient, there are also our favorite restaurants and shopping streets around. We have lived here for six years

but in fact, the living experience of the house is not comfortable. In addition, the room faces north, cold in winter and hot in summer, so the air conditioner needs to be turned on all the time. In the daytime, the light needs to be turned on all the time because it can't get the sun. A small room costs more than 300 yuan a month just for electricity

without air conditioning and hot water,

we have lived comfortably for 11 years

but now the house is 80 square meters, which is very close to the original rental house. Through the window of the living room, we can see where we originally lived. At that time, it cost us 1million to buy this house and 250000 to decorate it

the cost of decoration reached a quarter of the cost of buying a house. In Shanghai 11 years ago, it was simply incredible. In those days, ordinary people in Shanghai usually spent no more than 150000 yuan to decorate an 80 square meter house

house design drawings

250000, most of which are used for material costs. Because we had a bad living experience in the rental house before, we considered the warmth retention, air circulation, lighting and other issues of the house in the transformation design

when decorating 11 years ago, except for the original floor and stairs, all other places were replaced with new materials. The specific cost allocation is as follows:

1. Replacement and installation of new windows is 50000 ~ 70000 yuan

2. Heat insulation materials in the wall are 6000 ~ 8000 yuan

3. Wooden floors are 1000 ~ 2000 yuan

4. Wooden dining tables, cabinets and furniture are 50000 ~ 65000 yuan

5. Attic is 20000 yuan

in addition, it is the cost of basic construction, electrical, piping and basic power distribution equipment

although this is not a low investment, such a one-time cost can reduce the cost of living for many years to come and make the family comfortable. We think it is very worthwhile

how to build the cheapest house

after the transformation, our living cost has been greatly reduced and the pollution to the environment has been reduced

to complete this environmental protection home, I think the following four design points are very important

1. Purchase second-hand old wood

newly added wood, all of which are second-hand. Most of these second-hand old wood is the source of supply provided by the construction workers who Mr. knows. Some are picked up from the construction site under decoration, and some are purchased at a low price

2. Replace the windows and add environmental protection and heat insulation materials

we replaced the original single-layer glass with double-layer and well sealed windows, and installed environmental protection and heat insulation materials in the outdoor walls

in this way, the indoor temperature of the room will be maintained at more than 20 degrees all year round. In summer, it's enough to open windows and electric fans. In winter, there's no need for floor heating or other heating appliances. Both adults and children can wear short sleeves at home. We haven't turned on the air conditioner installed 11 years ago

3. Install solar energy on the roof

in our home, you can drink water by turning on the tap. All the water has passed through the water purifier twice, which is very safe. Even the water used for bathing and brushing teeth is pure water

we also installed solar energy on the roof. The hot water in our home comes from there, including bath water and drinking water. Therefore, our family never uses an electric kettle to boil water

window opening on the top floor

window opening in the shower

4. Open five skylights

we installed a total of five skylights in the originally insufficient lighting spaces, such as the shower room, the second daughter's room and the top floor. In this way, these spaces that originally need to turn on the lights have sufficient lighting, and the lights only need to be turned on at night

the design 11 years ago is not outdated at all.

this home is not only environmentally friendly, but also fashionable. Although our family has lived here for 11 years, many friends who come here for the first time will think this is our new home

the house has four floors in total. As soon as you enter the door, you can see the eldest daughter's bedroom. Although it is only 6 square meters, it has many functions, including a double bed and a storage cabinet

after climbing a few wooden steps, we arrived at the second floor. The living room and kitchen here are interlinked. It is the largest public space in the family, with more than 30 square meters. It is the favorite place for the family to stay

there are three children in the family, so many designs will take them into account. For example, in the kitchen, we designed two high countertops, the high one for adults and the low one for children

the last floor is the top floor, where there is the largest bedroom. This room originally did not exist. We re installed two skylights on the roof and paved a new floor

now, our 5-year-old son sleeps here with us

this year is the 17th year of our life in Shanghai. When we first came to Shanghai, we really didn't expect to stay here for so long. We have taken this place as our home

we haven't changed the materials and the structure of the house we chose at that time

11 years have passed, and it seems that the bold design and expensive investment at the beginning are worth it today

self narration sherry

are we spending a lot of money to buy a house just to improve the quality of life? If you are still stingy about your investment in doors and windows at this time, won't the gains outweigh the losses

if you think about it, you buy a big house in the bustling downtown area. As soon as you check in after decoration, you will find that no matter in the day or at night, the noise, car noise and Hawking sound are silent, children can't concentrate on reading, the elderly can't sleep, young people can't rest well at night, and they are listless at work the next day

in summer, standing by the bright window, the sun is scorching outside, and the living room becomes a sauna, so you can only turn on the air conditioner day and night; In winter, when the heating and air conditioning are fully turned on, the house is still chilly. Who knows how high the electricity charge is in winter and summer

actually, The root of everything lies in

what you buy is a 300 million high-end small Western-style building

what you install is a 300 yuan one square meter low-end door and window

Weiye door and window - energy saving black technology

don't wait until the installation is finished to find that

the doors and windows you buy are not sound proof and heat insulated

don't wait to pay the electricity bill

to find that the doors and windows you buy are not energy-saving

don't wait until the windows are prized by thieves to find

doors and windows you bought Don't guard against theft

don't wait until your family is hurt

property is lost

just annoy yourself for being greedy for small things and suffering heavy losses

doors and windows carry the safety and comfort of a home

a good horse with a good saddle will cost money only if you buy the right doors and windows

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