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Water pipes are important basic building materials in home decoration and indispensable materials for water and electricity transformation. This article will answer the following questions: what types of water pipes are used in home decoration, what should be paid attention to when buying different water pipes, the installation and construction process of water pipes, which brand of water pipes is good, and which brand of PPR water pipes is good

recommended purchase time of water pipe: before hydropower transformation

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“ Concealed works ” The selection and installation of water pipes has become a problem that cannot be ignored in decoration. In order to make the room beautiful, people usually use the buried wall construction when decorating the water pipe. Once the water pipe leaks and bursts, it will bring irreparable consequences


in the past, cast iron pipes were mainly used for water supply. Sand mold cast iron pipes are mainly used outdoors, and galvanized cast iron pipes are used indoors, which can be divided into cold (electric) galvanizing and hot galvanizing. Galvanized pipe as a water pipe, after several years of use, a large number of rust scales are produced in the pipe. The yellow water not only pollutes the sanitary ware, but also is mixed with bacteria that breed on the unsmooth inner wall. Rust causes the content of heavy metals in the water to be too high, which seriously endangers human health. The state has stipulated to eliminate sand mold casting pipe fittings and cold galvanized cast iron pipes from June 1, 2000, gradually restrict the use of hot-dip galvanized cast iron pipes, and promote the use of aluminum-plastic composite pipes, new plastic pipes, etc. Therefore, there are three main categories of pipelines currently used. The first is metal pipe, such as hot-dip plated cast iron pipe, copper pipe, stainless steel pipe, etc. lined with plastic. The second type is plastic clad metal pipe, such as plastic clad steel pipe, aluminum plastic clad pipe, etc. The third type is plastic pipe, such as PP-R (cross-linked polypropylene high-density mesh engineering plastic)

the state also stipulates that all kinds of pipes and fittings involving drinking water pipelines must be approved by the health department before they can be sold. The following introduces several common types of water pipes and the purchase and identification methods:

(1) plastic composite metal pipe - aluminum plastic composite pipe

aluminum plastic composite pipe is a popular pipe in the market, which is light, durable and convenient for construction, and its bendability is more suitable for use in home decoration. The main disadvantage is that when used as a hot water pipe, due to long-term thermal expansion and cold contraction, the ferrule connection may be misaligned and cause leakage. At present, there are many varieties of aluminum-plastic composite pipes sold in the market, with great differences in quality and price. How to choose aluminum plastic composite pipe has become a headache for consumers

① check the appearance of the product

aluminum composite pipe with good quality. Generally, the outer wall is smooth, and the trademark, specification, applicable temperature, meter number and other marks on the pipe wall are clear. The manufacturer also printed the production number on the pipe wall, so as to monitor the product quality at any time; The product is well packed, and all kinds of marks on the package are also clear. The manufacturer's name, address, telephone number, etc. are printed on prominent positions. While fake and inferior products generally have rough outer walls, unclear or incomplete marks, simple packaging, and unknown address or phone number

② aluminum layer should not be ignored

good aluminum-plastic composite pipe has welding at the lap joint of aluminum layer, and the aluminum layer and plastic layer are closely combined without delamination. Some of the aluminum layers of fake and inferior products are not welded, and some aluminum layers and plastic layers are often layered and not tight

(2) plastic pipe -- PP-R pipe

as a new type of water pipe material, PP-R pipe has unique advantages. It is non-toxic, light, pressure resistant, corrosion-resistant, connected by a special hot-melt method, and will not corrode and rust, and PP-R pipe will not scale, which is becoming a popularized material. Because its production process is relatively simple, there are a large number of counterfeit products on the market at present. In order to help owners preliminarily identify the true and false PP-R pipes and fittings from the appearance and feel, the following identification methods can be referred to:

① Product Name: the product name of real PP-R should be & ldquo; Polypropylene pipe for cold and hot water or “ PP-R pipe for cold and hot water ”, Those with irregular names such as ultra-fine particle modified polypropylene pipe (PP-R) or PP-R cold water pipe, PP-R hot water pipe and pp-e pipe are pseudo PP-R pipes

② the density of pseudo PP-R is slightly higher than that of real pp-r

③ the true PP-R tube is white matte or other colored matte, and the pseudo PP-R tube is bright or colorful

④ the true PP-R tube is completely opaque, and the pseudo PP-R tube is slightly translucent or semi translucent

⑤ the real PP-R tube feels soft, while the pseudo PP-R tube feels smooth

⑥ the landing sound of real PP-R tube is dull, and the landing sound of pseudo PP-R tube is crisp

it should be noted that the service life of pseudo PP-R pipes is only 1-5 years, while the service life of real PP-R pipes is more than 50 years

(3) metal pipe -- copper pipe

copper pipe has the advantages of corrosion resistance, sterilization and so on. It is a top-grade product in water pipes. There are two ways of copper pipe interface: ferrule and welding. Like the aluminum-plastic pipe, the ferrule has the problem of aging and water leakage for a long time, so most users who install copper pipes use welding, which means that the interface is welded together through oxygen, so that it can be the same as PP-R water pipe and never leak. One disadvantage of copper pipes is that they conduct heat quickly, so the hot water pipes produced by famous copper pipe manufacturers are covered with plastic and foaming agent to prevent heat dissipation. Another disadvantage of copper pipes is that they are expensive. Few residential water supply systems are copper pipes. I'm afraid they can only be seen in export apartments and high-end villas. If you plan to change the water pipe and think the copper pipe is good, it is recommended to use the welded interface

(4) metal pipe -- stainless steel pipe

is a very expensive water pipe, which is difficult to construct and rarely used. Its performance is similar to that of copper pipe

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