The hottest XCMG guardrail repair vehicle won a la

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XCMG guardrail repair vehicle won a large batch order for the first time

recently, the 7-ton multifunctional guardrail repair vehicle independently developed by XCMG with the vehicle relies on XCMG's brand influence and excellent product performance, Stand out from many competitors "Out, he successfully conquered a major customer in Shandong and won 1 in one fell swoop. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. pays close attention to 8 batch orders every day. The first batch sales of XCMG guardrail repair vehicles have laid a solid foundation for the subsequent expansion of the market.

xzj5071tqxh5 first of all, he has a batch of customer multifunctional guardrail repair vehicles that he has used for a long time. They are equipped with piling, pile pulling, drilling, lifting and other devices on the basis of a special cargo chassis, It has powerful advantages such as convenient and fast operation, beautiful appearance, safety and reliability, and complete functions. It is widely used in municipal and highway transportation departments to realize the rapid driving, pulling out and repair of piles. For some working environments with poor road conditions, the supporting efficient drilling equipment can realize the rush repair of guardrails on all conventional roads, which is widely recognized and highly praised by customers

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