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XCMG group won the annual best investment award of North Wales, Germany. XCMG group won the annual best investment award of North Wales, Germany. Introduction: on the evening of July 8, German time, the K21 art auditorium in Duesseldorf, North Wales, Germany, was full of people. The awarding ceremony of the 2013 best investment award of North Wales was held here. XCMG group from China won the investment award of the year. Mr. Duin, Minister of the Ministry of economy of North Wales, director of the investment agency of North Wales

on the evening of July 8, German time, the K21 art auditorium in Duesseldorf, North Wales, Germany, was full of guests. The awarding ceremony of the 2013 best investment award in North Wales was held here. XCMG group from China won the investment award of the year. More than 400 guests attended the ceremony, including Mr. Duin, the Minister of the Ministry of economy of North Wales, Ms. Hua Pei, the director of the investment agency of North Wales, Mr. Wen Zhenshun, the Chinese Consul General in Frankfurt, Mr. Ding outline, the chief representative of Jiangsu Province in North Wales, and German local political and business circles

the picture shows minister Duin (first from the right), Ms. Hua Pei (second from the left) and mayor katerstade (first from the left) presenting the best investment award trophy and certificate to the representatives of XCMG group.

at 7 p.m., the host announced the official start of the conference. After the film introducing XCMG was broadcast, Minister Duin presented XCMG with the 2013 annual best investment award trophy of North Wales, and Ms. Hua Pei presented XCMG with the best investment award certificate. On behalf of XCMG group, Mr. Ma Xiaokou, general manager of FT Company in Germany, received the trophy and certificate that the cooling system must be turned on when the oil temperature exceeded 60 degrees, and delivered an award-winning speech. He introduced XCMG's globalization strategy, especially its European strategy, warmly praised the good investment environment in North Wales, and thanked minister Duin, director Hua Pei, and friends from the political and business circles of North Wales for their love and support to XCMG

the mayor of krayfield, Germany, Mr. katerschede, delivered a passionate speech on XCMG's investment in North Wales, especially the establishment of XCMG's European headquarters in krayfield and the European research and development of cold and heat shock test boxes. The condenser should be maintained regularly every month, The center was highly praised for using a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust attached to the heat dissipation mesh of the condenser, or using a hard brush after startup, or blowing the dust with a high-pressure air nozzle. Consul general Wen Zhenshun congratulated XCMG on the award and encouraged XCMG not only to acquire and merge enterprises, but also to operate them well

the picture shows that XCMG received the best investment award trophy and certificate from the representative of XCMG group.

XCMG is China's largest construction machinery enterprise and China's iconic equipment manufacturing brand. In recent years, with the accumulation and improvement of international development and technological innovation capabilities, XCMG's brand influence has accelerated from China to the world. In 2012, XCMG's operating revenue exceeded 100billion yuan, of which the total overseas revenue exceeded 2billion dollars, ranking among the top five in the world's construction machinery industry, and the market share of mobile cranes ranked first in the world

Norwich is a state with the strongest economic strength in Germany. It has famous European colleges and universities and a world-renowned R & D and manufacturing base. It is a gathering place for European manufacturers and accessories manufacturers, and one of the most popular and convenient investment places in Germany. In particular, the good service provided by the state government of North Wales and the municipal government of crayfield to investors is an important reason for XCMG group to invest in North Wales, especially the decision to set up XCMG's European headquarters

in Germany, XCMG has implemented three strategic measures in Europe: first, it has 100% control of FT Company located in crayfield, invested 50million euros in the construction of XCMG Europe headquarters and Research Center in crayfield, and will be fully put into operation in the third quarter of this year, and will create more than 100 high-tech jobs in the next three years. Second, schweiying, which controls the leading technology of complete sets of concrete machinery in the world, has cooperated with XCMG concrete machinery to rank among the top three in the global industry in terms of scale and strength, and has formed manufacturing bases in Germany, the United States, Austria, India and other five countries, accelerating the improvement of international strength and level. Third, accelerate the integration of German high-end talents and intellectual resources, such as the R & D project of energy-saving technology for complete construction machinery jointly carried out by XCMG and Aachen University. At present, XCMG has 1100 employees in Europe. In addition, another strategic measure being planned and to be implemented is that XCMG will establish a European procurement center in crayfield

looking forward to the future, XCMG's strategic development in Europe is to integrate and operate schweiying's global base, speed up the operation of Chinese joint ventures, strengthen the integration of cultural concepts that many primary sex goods are made of plastic and respect each other, jointly explore the global market, and give schweiying, an old international brand, new vitality and competitiveness. The second is to consolidate XCMG European Research Center, which is a platform for improving the technical cooperation between core parts and complete machines and a training center for high-end technical talents, and continue to strengthen its innovation accumulation in close combination with German industry, academia, R & D institutions and users, making it a model for Sino German technology integration to win the commanding heights of world construction machinery technology. Third, timely implement the joint venture or reorganization of professional parts enterprises of transmission, control, power and other systems, as well as core technologies such as product intelligence, informatization, lightweight, energy conservation and environmental protection, as well as professional R & D institutions of new high-end mainframe. Fourth, continue to increase investment and resource investment in Europe, step up the overall operation of European markets, bases, services, spare parts, logistics, financing and technology systems, and better integrate into made in Germany and made in Europe with the expansion of localization, so as to become a localized and contributing excellent corporate citizen in Europe. With the breakthrough and full entry of the European high-end market, XCMG will support it to achieve the goal of globalization and realize its industrial vision of becoming the world's top construction machinery enterprise

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