The hottest XCMG heavy truck Ningbo won 206 port t

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XCMG heavy truck Ningbo received 206 orders for port tractors

XCMG heavy truck Ningbo received 206 orders for port tractors and multi curve comparison vehicles

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the sunrise river is red, and the spring river is green as blue. On April 26, 2015, XCMG heavy truck joined Zhejiang Baoxing Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. in Beilun port, Ningbo, The 2015 XCMG heavy truck port tractor product promotion conference with the theme of "quality heavy truck, about benefiting Ningbo" was successfully held. After the XCMG heavy truck Shenzhen Port Tractor Promotion Conference on April 24, 320 orders were placed in a single day, and 206 orders were obtained on site again. Therefore, when you buy, you need to know some standard information, and then contact us for good news

more than 450 guests from local freight forwarders, transportation companies, logistics enterprises, local banks, insurance companies and other companies attended the meeting. Weichai office also attended the meeting on behalf of strategic partners and provided special service support for the products with Weichai engines signed on the same day. The whole promotion conference gathered product experience, tasting, product promotion, on-site group purchase, dinner interaction and other links. Customers outside the conference rushed to get on the car for operation experience. The speakers inside the conference were impassioned, and the signing office was crowded and lively. The atmosphere on the scene was extremely warm, and finally closed with the excellent result of obtaining 206 orders

this Ningbo Port Tractor promotion conference is for XCMG heavy truck. After careful market research, according to the use characteristics and user demands of port tractors, it has selected models and refined plans, and launched Hanfeng series, T series, Z series high, medium and low port tractors. With the best configuration and the most cost-effective products, it serves all Ningbo truck collectors

although the heavy truck industry is highly competitive, opportunities are always given to enterprising and prepared enterprises. As a new entrant in the heavy truck industry, XCMG heavy truck has the courage to accept challenges, worked hard, worked hard, and kept climbing. It has achieved good results in the market segment represented by port tractor products. Let us once again see the wisdom and responsibility of XCMG to "shoulder great responsibilities, walk on the road, and become a great thing"

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