Fire safety requirements for the hottest solvent t

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Requirements for safety and fire prevention in solvent tank farm

a) the storekeeper must be fully responsible for the safety and fire prevention work in the tank farm

b) the keeper must master the use method and performance of the fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher must be placed at the fixed position of the microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine with load sensor, and no one is allowed to move at will

c) inflammables and spontaneous combustibles are strictly prohibited within 25 meters of the solvent tank farm, and weeds must be removed at any time. When entering solvent, the vehicle must shut down, close the valve after discharging the solvent, and start the motor car after the residual solvent volatilizes

d) it is strictly forbidden to use iron tools in the solvent tank area, and no one is allowed to wear chemical fiber clothes and nail shoes into the solvent tank area

will be very dangerous

e) all the main valves of the solvent pipeline flanges in the solvent tank farm should be bridged, and if they are found to be missing, they should be repaired by electricians in time

f) it is strictly forbidden to use non explosion-proof lamps or other types of open flame lighting in the solvent tank farm

g) the pipes and valves in the tank farm shall be free from running, emitting, dripping and leakage, and the mechanical maintenance personnel shall be notified in time if any

h) always check the same absolute moisture content and check whether the breather valve, flame arrester, valve and flange connection of the oil tank in the solvent tank farm are flexible and normal, otherwise it should be reported to the leaders and relevant technical departments in time to implement and solve

i) do not wash anything with solvent, and do not take the solvent out of other use

it is expected to reach 113.7 billion US dollars. J) the storekeeper must strictly abide by the safety management system of the solvent tank farm, and irrelevant personnel are strictly prohibited from entering the solvent tank farm

k) someone must assist when entering the solvent tank farm for operation

l) when filling the solvent tank, it shall not exceed two-thirds of the tank capacity

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