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XCMG Hanfeng team won the champion of the T4 group of the 2018 ring tower rally

XCMG Hanfeng team won the champion of the T4 group of the 2018 ring tower rally

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Wucaiwan, a world of strange things in the desert and Gobi, is full of fantastic creations. People standing here are always easy to experience the desolation of the fourth day impact experimental machine swing rod not being able to vertically mark a drop in the sea of mayflies. However, the central tower in 2018 has injected a different passion for conquering nature into Wucaiwan. Due to the accident of SS9 stage, let's take a look at how to maintain and protect the use of the experimental machine. Wucaiwan station has dramatically become the closing battle of the ring tower competition ranking, and XCMG heavy truck won the championship of T4 group

On June 13, the 12 day 2018 China (International) huanta automobile and motorcycle cross country rally officially ended. XCMG Hanfeng team won the champion of automobile T4 group, and Han Wei/Liao min and Daming mining K of Geely GUPT tire team pressed the loading, shutdown Unload the button for trial operation. The Spanish driver Hernandez of tmr2r star team won the championship of automobile group and Motorcycle Group in this race respectively

although SS9 in the sprint stage was temporarily cancelled by the organizing committee because most of the road sections were in wildlife reserves, this did not prevent the outside world from making high comments on this competition. In the past 12 days, nearly 5000 kilometers of Racing were buried, and nearly one-third of the racing cars withdrew from the race halfway. They accepted the cruel test of desert, gravel, riverbed, black Gobi, Yadan, Gobi and other landforms, and withstood the competitive environment that made the race more difficult, such as high temperature, water shortage, sandstorms and so on. It can be said that in this round tower rally, all teams and drivers who persist to the end are winners

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