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XCMG group: stand up as the backbone of the enterprise

XCMG group: stand up as the backbone of the enterprise

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Guide: as soon as you enter the building of XCMG headquarters, you can see the golden medal placed in the center of the hall: the national earthquake relief Yingxiong collective. At the national earthquake relief summary and commendation Conference on August 19, XCMG won this honor and became the only enterprise with this title in the construction machinery industry

as soon as you enter the building of XCMG headquarters, you can see the golden medal placed in the center of the hall when consumers finish drinking: "national earthquake relief hero group". At the national earthquake relief summary and commendation Conference on August 19, XCMG won this honor and became the only enterprise with this title in the construction machinery industry

touching this medal, Wang Min, chairman and party secretary of XCMG group, said affectionately, "this is the heaviest medal in XCMG's history, which embodies the great love of all XCMG workers!"

shoulder the "great responsibility" with iron shoulders, and stand up at the critical moment

let the time return to April 19 this year. In the early morning, thousands of miles away in Yushu, Qinghai, heavy snow fell silently on the ruins after the earthquake, and the temperature fell to minus 45 degrees. However, several goose yellow large cranes on the ruins did not stop - the rescue team from XCMG group was fighting the cold nervously

since arriving here on April 17, they have been fighting nonstop for a day and two nights. Just about to catch my breath, I received a new task: urgently lift the important drilling equipment trapped in the quagmire for Qinghai Environmental Geological Exploration Bureau

this scene also appeared in Wenchuan, Sichuan two years ago. It is also a mess of post earthquake ruins, a rush to rescue against time, and a touching touch of "XCMG Huang", which has become the hope of countless victims - just two days after the Wenchuan earthquake, after more than 1700 kilometers and 58 hours of galloping, XCMG rescue team entered the disaster area in an all-round way. When XCMG's crane drove into the rescue site, the PLA officers and soldiers and the local people responded with warm applause

Wenchuan witnessed the righteous deeds of workers Xu in the crisis; Yushu has once again confirmed the clandestine oath of Xu workers that "the motherland is in trouble and Xu workers are responsible" and the childlike feelings of Da Ren

XCMG dispatched more than 350 large-scale machinery and equipment, with a total value of hundreds of millions of yuan, to the earthquake stricken areas for rescue twice; Dispatch and dispatch more than 500 rescue workers; Employees and enterprises donated more than 20 million yuan

there is a "road" in his heart, and charity is quiet.

on September 1, Wang Rong, an out of school orphan in Guxian village, Jiawang Town, Jiawang District, came to the village primary school with a brand-new schoolbag. He returned to school with more than 20 other orphans

recently, the new teaching building of Fanlou primary school in Fanlou Town, Feng county was completed, and 440 children in the school will move into bright new classrooms for reading and classes

these two seemingly unrelated things are actually related to an enterprise. This is XCMG. XCMG's uncles and aunts pair up to support the children's hope of studying

In 2009, XCMG group allocated 3million yuan to build 10 XCMG hope primary schools nationwide. At present, 8 have been started

in the interview, we learned that XCMG's charitable act of helping students dates back to 2002. This year, when helping the poor in Shizhai Town, Feng County, chairman Wang Min was surprised to hear that more than 50 children in the town were about to drop out of school because of family poverty. After returning to Xuzhou, he immediately launched the "love for spring buds" activity in the group, and jointly established the first "spring buds class" in Xuzhou with the Municipal Women's Federation, giving full support to each child. So far, XCMG employees have donated more than 300000 yuan to the children, and no out of school children have appeared in the "XCMG Spring Bud Class"

the best is like water, moistening things silently. Such acts of kindness and charity have become an important connotation of XCMG's corporate culture

Northern Jiangsu suffered from tornadoes and hail disasters, and XCMG donated more than 1 million yuan at the first time; In 2009, Taiwan compatriots suffered from typhoon disasters, and XCMG donated 3million yuan; This spring, a drought occurred in the southwest, and XCMG sent staff thousands of miles to Anlong county, the hardest hit area, to donate 390000 yuan; The production and manufacturing bases in East China, North China and southwest China are under construction. After the debris flow disaster in Zhouqu, XCMG quickly remitted 1million yuan to the disaster area...

talking about these things, Wang Min's tone is calm, but his eyes are full of deep feelings: "the road is invisible, love the best, help others is to help yourself, let others succeed, you can succeed yourself, this is the 'road' quality that XCMG workers adhere to in their hearts." According to incomplete statistics, XCMG has donated 60.75 million yuan and 149000 pieces of clothing to various social public welfare undertakings since 2002. Charity and love have won XCMG the highest government award in the field of charity and public welfare in China - "China Charity Award"; Won the gold medal award of the China Charity Federation - "China Charity outstanding contribution award"

forge into a "big tool" and unite to go global

in the hearts of more than 16660 employees, XCMG is a "home", a "home" full of love, and a "home" with hope, creativity and passion

every year, XCMG has a long queue of cranes, loaders and excavators exported abroad. Whenever new products leave the factory, the workers are always dressed up and dressed in red. They call this day "marriage day", which is as grand and warm as "marrying a girl" in their family. Employees said that this kind of "home" feeling originated from the warm care of the enterprise

Li Ge, deputy secretary of the Party committee of XCMG group, told that the company remembers every employee's birthday, cares about every employee's relatives, and cares about every employee's life. In a detailed rules for the implementation of the "love in XCMG" employee care project, we can see that these care measures of the group are divided into eight categories and 25 items, ranging from clothing, food, housing and transportation, birth, old age and illness, to learning and growth

liulixiang, director of XCMG heavy machinery company's representative office in Nanjing, will not forget that when his wife xuanzhi was seriously injured in a car accident in March this year, it was the female workers sent by the enterprise who took care of all the accompanying work. Previously, Xuan Zhi criticized her husband for being too busy with work and neglecting his family. After all this, she often said to her husband, "go to work quickly. I'm sorry for delaying my work and even taking care of my sisters."

XCMG's meticulous and considerate care actions have improved employees' satisfaction with the enterprise and job happiness. Wang Ya, an employee of XCMG truck crane company, faithfully recorded the face of the old factory before the factory was relocated with a camera, and wrote a prose poem affectionately: "here is a place worthy of our pride, where many unforgettable 'firsts' have been born; here we win one honor after another, where we ignite passion, loyalty and...

love, It has honed and tempered the spiritual strength of XCMG as an enterprise to "shoulder great responsibilities, walk on the road and become a great success". In the storm, love and leap always accompany each other -

from 2006 to 2009, XCMG group's operating revenue reached 20billion, 30billion, 40billion and 50billion for four consecutive years; In the first half of this year, the operating income of enterprises hit a record high, reaching 35billion yuan, an increase of 57% year-on-year. Recently, XCMG has historically ranked among the top 10 in the world on the latest list of the top 50 global construction machinery

Wang Min told that XCMG reaped the greatest return in its dedication: it was a universal experimental machine for wood-based panels (some central people call it microcomputer), with the core competitiveness of Da Ai's blood flowing, and an invincible corporate cohesion of unity

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