The hottest XCMG heavy truck makes every effort to

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XCMG heavy truck makes every effort to build a new quality system of excellence

XCMG heavy truck makes every effort to build a new quality system of excellence

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quality is the eternal theme of the enterprise. Only by focusing on quality and service can we remain invincible in the fierce market competition with a year-on-year increase of 2.7%

XCMG heavy truck strives to build a new excellent quality system

2017 is a new year for XCMG heavy truck to speed up the shift. In order to ensure the smooth realization of the quality goal of the 13th five year plan, we deeply practice the gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use", unremittingly take quality improvement as the main line, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty as the goal, and quality technology and management innovation as the driving force, Vigorously promote the quality construction project centered on product reliability and excellent performance mode; Focus on the implementation of quality control by all staff and the whole process; Use scientific methods and data-based management to continuously improve and improve product quality

strengthen management and improve the quality awareness of all employees

strengthen quality management, "who designs is responsible, who purchases is responsible, who manufactures is responsible, who inspects is responsible, who manages is responsible", and improve the regional quality self-service management ability; Implement sinking management, rebuild process automatic control system, and form self-control of branch plant quality; Strengthen the execution of process standards, strengthen the staff's grasp of the process requirements and key quality control points, and strengthen the daily process discipline inspection; Carry out quality awareness education and quality culture publicity for all employees, and strengthen the quality culture concept of "every employee does everything accurately"

clarify the quality standard, pay attention to process control

clarify the quality standard, carry out process quality inspection, and realize the PDCA cycle of process control; Carry out DRL statistics and vehicle audit evaluation in the production process to realize internal verification of reliability; Deepen the quality control of key parts and key processes; Establish a smooth quality information transmission channel, joint design, process pressure plate size (mm): φ 150. Quality control and other departments work together to develop solutions and track and inspect the implementation and implementation

carry out intelligent supply chain management and promote the improvement of supporting quality

strictly implement the "six leading" and "four using" reliable standards of products, and use internal and external professional testing institutions to comprehensively test and verify the reliability of key and important parts. Only qualified parts can be included in the list of qualified suppliers; Extend quality control to the supplier's production site to improve the reliability and stability of components; Improve the supplier management system, implement intelligent supplier evaluation, and fully 1 Understand the relevant materials of the mold: mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the supplier to improve product quality and service quality, and promote the improvement of component quality

scientifically optimize the service system, and strive to promote the continuous improvement of user satisfaction.

plan and implement return visits, regular visits, letters and other ways to listen to the voice of users, understand the performance of products in the market, measure user satisfaction, and change the evaluation at the time of delivery to the periodic evaluation in which China, Japan and South Korea dominate the whole life; Use advanced methods and tools of lean management to analyze user satisfaction data and provide more accurate basis for satisfaction improvement

promote Lean Six Sigma management and achieve continuous quality improvement

focus on improving product quality, customer satisfaction, management level, business process optimization, and economic efficiency, continue to carry out Lean Six Sigma projects, improve enterprise operation efficiency, and support the realization of enterprise strategic goals; Improve the construction of Six Sigma talent team, optimize the talent pool, and support the internalization and normalization of projects

only excellent quality can win the favor of users, and only perfect service can win the affirmation of users. Keep quality in hand all the time and keep users in mind every minute. XCMG heavy truck is trying its best to create a new excellent quality system and realize XCMG's world-class quality

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