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XCMG group won the title of "national technological innovation demonstration enterprise"

XCMG group won the title of "drying strength of national technological innovation demonstration enterprise - the strength of the bonding part measured immediately after drying or conditioning in the specified environment for a period of time"

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recently, in the selection of "2015 Jiangsu innovation demonstration enterprise and national technological innovation demonstration enterprise", XCMG won the honorary title of "national technological innovation demonstration enterprise". Based on the voluntary declaration of enterprises and the recommendation of cities, through the procedures of industry review, expert defense, credit verification and publicity, 59 "2015 Jiangsu innovation demonstration enterprises" and 19 "national technological innovation demonstration enterprises" were selected. XCMG group ranks among them with strong development strength and market competitiveness. Since its establishment, XCMG has always paid attention to innovation and development in all mechanical fields, actively adapted to the new economic normal, bravely explored and actively changed in technological innovation, system innovation, management innovation, cultural innovation, etc., and achieved good economic and social benefits, becoming the leader of China's construction machinery. In the future, XCMG will continue to embed development and innovation in its enterprise development strategy, actively create an innovation culture, and make greater contributions to building an upgraded version of Jiangsu's industrial economy

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