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Fire safety requirements for truck loading and unloading platform

the loading and unloading facilities of gas truck are truck loading and unloading platform, larger storage and distribution stations, especially those that use pipelines to transport liquefied petroleum gas. The main task of truck loading and unloading platform is to fill cars, so it is also called truck filling platform. The filling platform can fill liquefied petroleum gas tank cars and residual liquid tank cars. Generally, two groups of LPG and residual liquid filling columns are installed. With liquid liquefied petroleum, we should promote the construction of gas mains in healthy China. The residual liquid mains and gas related pipes are respectively connected with storage tanks, residual liquid tanks and compressor outlet pipelines. It is also equipped with pressure gauge, flowmeter and other instruments. The liquid phase pipeline on the filling column is composed of liquid phase branch valve, high-pressure breakthrough resistant impossible oil hose, high-pressure threaded joint, ball valve and quick connector socket, as well as pressure gauge and flowmeter. The construction of truck loading and unloading platform shall meet the following fire protection requirements

1. Fire resistance requirements

the loading and unloading platform of truck tanker shall be made of fire-resistant and non combustible reinforced concrete, and a canopy made of non-metallic and non combustible materials shall be set on the platform

2. there are lightning protection and anti-static measures

the truck tanker loading and unloading platform adopts fire prevention, explosion-proof, lightning protection and anti-static measures. There should be a good static grounding pole. The pressure resistance of high-pressure oil resistant rubber hose shall not be less than 1.1 times the design pressure of the tank car, and the length shall not be less than 3m

3. to ensure fire separation and fire separation

the fire separation between the loading and unloading platform of the truck tanker and the liquefied gas storage tank, bottle filling room and bottle warehouse should be distinguished according to the reserves of liquid hydrocarbons, and should not be less than the relevant provisions of the current code for design of urban gas gb50028. The distance between the garage and the garage shall not be less than 6m, but when the two are adjacent and the exterior wall of the garage adjacent to the loading dock adopts a firewall without door and window openings, the spacing is unlimited. The loading and unloading column of the tank car in the gasification station and the gas mixing station can be attached to the side of the gable in the storage tank room, especially in the chemical room or gas mixing room of some universities and research institutes, but the gable should be a firewall without doors and windows. At the same time, in the past 20 years, as an industry leader, he has been developing bulletproof materials for U.S. law enforcement agencies "

4. It should ensure the safe parking of cars

the return yard should be considered near the car loading dock according to vehicle types and other factors, and the road surface at the loading dock should be outward slope, with a slope of not less than 0.005M, so that the car can slide automatically in the event of an accident

5. Sufficient fire-fighting equipment should be prepared

in order to put out the fire in time, the truck tanker loading and unloading platform should be equipped with 8kg dry powder fire extinguishers according to the number of two for each loading and unloading platform

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