Summary of the hottest recent foreign trade events

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Summary of recent foreign trade events

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, which countries are the most risky to ship to

since April 3 this year, the United States made the first list of proposed tax increases for $50billion of goods, the trade situation between China and the United States has been gradually deteriorating this year. By September 24, the United States had imposed tariffs of 10% to 25% on Chinese goods worth $250billion, accounting for almost half of China's exports to the United States. On January 1, 2019, the tax rate of these goods would be raised to 25%

on the other hand, the retail industry in the United States is also sluggish this year: Toy r us, which once existed like an empire, closed all stores in the United States; Sears, the "ancestor" of the department store, applied for bankruptcy protection; Dollar tree, a "supermarket for the poor" that emerged suddenly during the economic crisis, is considering closing its stores, reducing its scale and reducing the number of products by 40% - 55%...

in addition to the United States, which actively closes its doors, some countries can't survive. There is a new term called "Vita". These four countries are Venezuela, Italy, Turkey and Argentina

meet the requirements of gb/t228 (2) 010 "tensile test method for metallic materials at room temperature". In the Asian market, India, Indonesia and other countries have also experienced substantial devaluation of their currencies. Many countries have introduced policies to restrict imports, hoping to stabilize the exchange rate. But at present, it seems that this trick is really like a mantis arm in a cart - it's useless at all. However, this does not prevent them from reducing their imports of "luxury goods and non necessities", and most of them believe that this is a good opportunity to develop their own manufacturing industry

for more detailed analysis, please refer to:, which countries are the most risky to ship to

exchange rate

RMB rebounded strongly, and the momentum for stabilizing the exchange rate was sufficient

6.9. The hearts of those who did not settle foreign exchange were broken. On November 1, after the leaders of China and the United States communicated, the onshore and offshore RMB recovered the 6.92 level, and the offshore RMB rose nearly 550 points against the United States, setting a new half month high of 6.9191; The onshore RMB rose 452 points against the US, or 0.65%, and also set a new half month high of 6.9199

on November 8, the central parity rate of the RMB against the United States was reduced by 98 basis points to 6.9163, and the official closing price of the onshore RMB against the United States was 6.9285

after the central bank and Hong Kong signed the memorandum of cooperation on using the central clearing system of debt instruments to issue bills of the people's Bank of China in September, on November 7, the central bank officially issued the central bank's Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. Jinan experimental machine factory in Hong Kong. We sincerely welcome your bank note. The central bank's move has played a role in stabilizing the exchange rate by tightening the liquidity of RMB in the offshore market and raising the cost of shorting RMB. Its essence is to adjust the interest rate and exchange rate. Similar operations have achieved very good results at the beginning of 2016 and the end of May 2017. Secondly, the central bank's issuance of central bank bills in Hong Kong for the first time has strong signal significance, releasing the central bank's determination to stabilize the offshore exchange rate

indeed, exchange rate stability is the most important

what signals did the Expo and Canton Fair send

the first China International Import Expo (CIFIT) was held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from November 5 to 10, 2018, with a total of seven exhibition areas, covering consumer electronics and household appliances, clothing, clothing and daily necessities, automobiles, intelligent and high-end equipment, food and agricultural products, medical devices and medical health care, and service trade. In addition to a complete range of products, more than 100 products and technologies are even launched globally

the national exhibition is an important part of this China International Import Expo. A total of 82 countries and 3 international organizations have set up 71 booths with an exhibition area of about 30000 square meters. The participating countries will display their national image, economic and trade development achievements and characteristic advantageous products. In the national exhibition, 12 guest of honor countries, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, South Africa, Egypt, Russia, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Germany, Canada, Brazil and Mexico, have set up unique pavilions. The enterprise exhibition is divided into seven exhibition areas. More than 3000 enterprises from more than 130 countries signed up for the exhibition, of which about 450 Japanese enterprises and groups signed up for the exhibition. Japan has also become the largest exhibitor. Nearly 180 American enterprises participated in the exhibition, including Google, Dell, Ford, general electric and other large companies

on November 4, the 124th Canton Fair came to an end, the day before the resolution of the opening force of the fair almost reached 1/100000. A total of 189812 purchasers from 215 countries and regions attended the meeting, with a total export turnover of 206.494 billion, both down about 1% year-on-year

in terms of the market, the transactions of this Canton Fair to Japan, the ten ASEAN countries, "the BRICs" and South Korea increased by 74.4%, 11.4%, 7.2% and 2.5% year-on-year respectively, and the transactions to the traditional markets such as the United States, Australia, Canada and the European Union decreased by 30.3%, 8.9%, 7.3% and 0.8% year-on-year respectively. In terms of industry, the turnover of electromechanical products in this Canton Fair was US $16.187 billion, accounting for 54.2% of the total turnover; The turnover of light industrial products was 7.299 billion US dollars, accounting for 24.5% of the total turnover; Textile and clothing transactions amounted to US $1.514 billion, accounting for 5.1% of the total turnover

not long ago, since November 1, China has reduced the MFN tax rate of some commodities, involving 1585 tax items. The average import tax rate has decreased from 10.5% to 7.8%, with an average decrease of about 26%, mainly involving textiles, electromechanical equipment and parts. This tariff reduction is conducive to domestic industrial upgrading, reducing enterprise costs and meeting the multi-level consumption needs of the masses, and also releases a positive signal to the outside world that China will expand its opening-up

Zhang Jun, chief economist of Morgan Stanley Huaxin securities, said that the three carriages of economic development are investment, consumption and net exports. If net exports are affected under the trade war, the influence of consumption will be more direct, and the import demand for high-end consumer goods will become larger and larger. While boosting consumption, it will force domestic enterprises to upgrade their products, and promote the upgrading of production lines and technology to increase investment


Turkish customs puts forward new requirements for all inbound or transshipped goods

for goods to be unloaded at Turkish ports, including goods imported from Turkey and goods transshipped through Turkey, H.S. code and commodity description are mandatory, and the following rules must be observed:

If HS code and VAT number are missing or incorrect, this batch of goods will not be unloaded in Turkey

the description of all goods must be complete and clearly marked item by item

the first 6 digits of the coordination code/code of all goods must be filled in and must be indicated item by item. Turkish customs does not accept the H.S. code "000000"

for Turkish imported goods, the value-added tax numbers of the consignee and the notifying party are also mandatory, and the following requirements must be followed:

value-added tax is only composed of numbers. In addition, "-,." or the letter is not used for Turkish customers.

if the consignee is a freight forwarder, the VAT number should belong to the freight forwarder, not the actual consignee.

if the consignee is an individual rather than a company, then accept the passport number or TC ID. (Turkish identification number).

if the consignee you provide is a "to order of bank", Please provide the VAT number of the bank

if the consignee you provided is "to order of..." Or "to order", please provide the VAT number of the notifying party

according to the new requirements of the Turkish customs, the shipping company has issued a notice and said that it must provide appropriate shipping and value-added tax information in the shipping instructions. If the customs declaration problem is caused by the incorrect cargo information provided by the customer, the shipping company will not bear any and consequences due to any delay or additional costs or demurrage in the process of cargo delivery/transshipment


the most important festival in India is this week. Remember to send a blessing to guests

Diwali festival is a very important national festival in India and Nepal, celebrating "driving away darkness with light and defeating evil with good". This year's Diwali festival starts on November 5 and ends on November 9. It lasts for five days, and November 7 is the main day. The meaning of this festival for Hindus is equivalent to that of Christmas for Christians and the lunar new year for Chinese people

Diwali festival is celebrated in many countries around the world, such as India, Fiji, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, and places where a large number of Indians live, such as Canada, the United States, Britain, South Africa, and New Zealand. Please add "focusvision" to download the greeting card and reply to "Diwali festival" to get it


the United States has opened the "largest ever" sanctions against Iran

the United States has comprehensively resumed the announcement of sanctions against Iran unilaterally in a combination of regular and irregular ways since November 5, focusing on the energy sector with the intention of strangling the economic lifeline of this middle east country. The sanctions targeted more than 200 individuals and vessels in Iran's shipping and energy sector; Impose sanctions on Iran's flagship airline Iran airlines and 65 aircraft; Include the Iran Atomic Energy Organization and its 23 subsidiary bodies and relevant individuals in the sanctions list; Sanctions were imposed on 50 Iranian banks and their subsidiaries, as well as more than 700 individuals, entities, aircraft and ships. Sanctions are linked, involving almost all countries and regions in the world

the United States also announced that it would temporarily allow eight countries and regions to continue to buy Iranian oil after the resumption of sanctions: China (mainland and Taiwan), India, Japan, Greece, Turkey, South Korea and Italy. But this is only a temporary exemption with additional conditions - the oil trade with Iran must be gradually stopped within six months, and it will never be extended. I'm afraid that in the short term, Kunlun bank can't accept the payment from Iranian customers

Iran's economy was in trouble before the United States withdrew from the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue. Since the end of last year, the exchange rate of Iran's local currency, the rial, has fallen precipitously against the United States, and the official exchange rate has depreciated by more than 300%, pushing up the domestic inflation rate. Iranians' wallets are getting smaller and smaller


imported goods need to display the consignee information in the bill of lading and manifest

according to the requirements of Kenya port authority and Kenya tax bureau, since November 30, 2018, the goods imported into Kenya through Mombasa port need to display the following information of the consignee in the bill of lading and manifest. If the consignee is "to order", the following information of the notifying party or bank should be displayed:

1 Name of consignee

2. The mailing address (x number) displayed according to the pin code

3. Email address

4. Number


"China ASEAN Free Trade Agreement preferential tariff system" was launched

"China ASEAN Free Trade Agreement preferential tariff system" was launched in Malaysia's single window of international trade. It provides Chinese and Malaysian foreign trade enterprises with one-stop query and application solutions for preferential tariffs under the China ASEAN Free Trade Agreement, including tariff rate query, rules of origin query, commodity tariff query, inspection and quarantine requirements and trade supervision documents query, so as to help enterprises legally and legally save tariff costs and enjoy the dividends of the free trade agreement

please check the China Malaysia agreement tax rate here: China Free Trade Zone Service


joint verification of import and export supervision certificates is fully covered

from November 1, 46 kinds of supervision certificates in import and export links, except for special needs such as confidentiality

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