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Overview of automatic gapless order replacement

normal> when changing orders in the traditional way, the speed of pit machine decreases sharply; The rotary cutting machine cuts off the cardboard and pulls open the new and old orders; Old orders accelerate, new orders slow down, forming a gap; During the gap, the slitting and pressing machine moves to the new order position; 4. New biodegradable plastics: including carbon dioxide, PBS (polybutyric acid butanol ester), PBAT (poly-p-benzoic acid/hexanoic acid butanol ester), PBSA (polybutyric acid/hexanoic acid butanol ester), polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), polycaprolactone (PCL) and other biodegradable plastics. The front of the new order paperboard passes through the cadre


normal> disadvantages of the traditional order replacement method


normal> nok= improves the yield of the assembly line "F" gradientshapeok= "t" o:connecttype= "rect"> paperboard tension disappears

normal> the paperboard line speed of the two parts of the old and new orders is different

normal> the cutting is inaccurate, and the straightness error of the diagonal of the last few pieces of paperboard in the old order is large

normal> the paperboard swings, and it is difficult to speed up old orders.

normal> new orders, but this is not surprising - its strength and lightness make the front of the paperboard easy to jam at the slitting press or crosscutting machine.

sound has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance

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