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Summary of steel drum packaging materials and Applications (II)

IV. low carbon steel sheet

according to the characteristics of the packaging industry, steel drum packaging materials are mostly made into barrels and cans and other packaging containers. The production process is to punch and shape the steel sheet, which requires that the steel has a certain strength and enough plasticity and toughness, that is, the structure in the steel is mostly ferrite. Therefore, the materials used for packaging are mainly low-carbon steel sheets with carbon content less than 0.25%, which are galvanized raw plates and pickled steel sheets produced by open hearth or converter. The thickness of low-carbon steel sheet is within the range of 0.25mm~2mm, with a total of 23 different thicknesses. Its thickness and allowable thickness deviation are shown in Table 1

Table 1 specification of low carbon steel sheet (unit: mm)

normal align=center> steel plate thickness

normal align=center>0.25

normal align effectively reduces vehicle weight and energy consumption =center>0.55

norma urban road lighting design standard CJJ 45 ⑼ 1L align=center>0.7

nl functions and features normal align=center>0.8

normal align=center>1.1

normal align=center>1.2

normal align=center>1.4

normal align=center>1.6

normal align=center Er>2.0

normal align=center>0.27

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