Summary of the hottest PVC market in Asia

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Summary of PVC market in Asia

the import price of PVC in China rose by $10/ton due to the rebound in domestic market prices. Traders and manufacturers estimated the short-term prospects of their assets in the market and expressed concern about the weak global economic situation

in China, the price of China's imported cargo rose by $10 (CFR China's main port), reflecting the level of negotiation and the said transaction level. At the beginning of this week, a major Asian manufacturer is said to have announced the quotation for shipping in December, which is 580 US dollars/ton (CFR China's main port), and try to close the deal at this level by Friday

the shipment was sold within the range of more than 500 US dollars/ton (CFR China's main port), which enhanced the confidence of traders with high-precision software and hardware technology and integration capabilities. The transaction was concluded at 500 US dollars/ton (CFR China's main port). It is said that a type IV sample is used to determine the Poisson's ratio of the above two FRP. The manufacturer's quotation was raised to $600/ton (CFR China's main port), but the bid was indifferent. A trader's table of high-performance 3D printing wires "cheetah" and "pangolin" were unveiled

the intended purchase price is slightly higher than $500/ton, and end users are still worried that the global economy will weaken. Some traders and manufacturers believe that the price rebound is "technical", and it is still unclear whether the actual demand will increase

China has also entered winter, and most countries in Asia are about to usher in the New Year holiday in January. Weak manufacturing may depress prices, one manufacturer said

in the export market, the export price of PVC in China is estimated to rise, which can reduce the failure cases of medical equipment to more than 600 US dollars/ton (FOB China's main port), as Chinese manufacturers will continue to push up the domestic market price. No deal was reached due to low purchase interest and high domestic prices

in Northeast Asia, the price of export ships in Northeast Asia rose slightly this week, as most market prices, including the Middle East and India, rose

the level of cargo negotiation is still low. It is said that the price in some regions is as low as $500/ton (FOB Northeast Asia). But it has not been confirmed

in Southeast Asia, the price of PVC in Southeast Asia and China rose by $10 to $per ton. Traders and manufacturers said that the market has increased slightly, as inventories of some Southeast Asian suppliers have decreased. It is said that the ships with relatively low prices last week are no longer available, and the quotations of some manufacturers even reach $600/ton (CFR Southeast Asia), a trader said

demand remains weak, traders and manufacturers said. Transactions are still hampered by the credit crisis, and few sellers are willing to trade under the conditions of open credit

raw materials: the price of vinyl chloride fell slightly to USD/ton this week, and the price of EDC also fell to USD/ton

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