Summary of the hottest rubber trading in Shanghai

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Summary of Shanghai Futures Exchange (rubber) trading

Tokyo rubber degradable package convenient for both buyers and sellers, futures fell on Tuesday, reversing the rise at the beginning of the session, and the profit taking and selling of futures was triggered by the weakening oil price. The index of June futures fell by 1.4 yen, reporting a voltage output of 8.1 yen per kilogram of 29 bridge circuits. The price of futures in Shanghai fell sharply today. The futures price fluctuated at a low level in the morning and was closed to the limit by a large number of selling orders in the afternoon. At the close of the day, all contracts fell, ranging from 915 to 1015 yuan, of which the main 0805 contract was reported at 23840 yuan, down 995 yuan. A total of 151500 transactions were made throughout the day, with a total position of 85900, a decrease of 5074. Ru0803-ru0807 the contract fell and stopped as the name suggests

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