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Editor's note: in recent years, China's annual industrial output value has been increasing, but the energy consumption ratio remains high. The high energy consumption ratio has become a bottleneck restricting China's economic development. Therefore, the country has invested a lot of funds to support energy conservation and consumption reduction projects. Among them, high-voltage variable-frequency speed regulation technology has been more and more widely used in all walks of life. It can not only improve the process, prolong the service life of equipment, improve work efficiency, etc., but also "save energy and reduce consumption", which has been recognized by the majority of users and is deeply concerned

Lide Huafu company has been specialized in the R & D, production, sales and service of high-voltage variable-frequency speed regulation system for six years. So far, 245 sets of high-voltage variable-frequency converters have been sold and more than 150 sets have been put into operation. They are used in electric power, metallurgy, municipal administration, petrochemical, cement, coal, pipeline transportation and other industries. Its advanced technology, reliable performance and high-quality service have brought considerable benefits to the majority of users. At the same time, we also hope to make more contributions to the technology promotion of "energy conservation and consumption reduction" in China. Therefore, in order to make more people understand the remarkable effect of high-voltage variable-frequency speed regulation technology in "energy saving and consumption reduction", we have summarized several typical energy-saving cases and discussed them with you, so that you can have a more specific understanding and hope to be helpful to you

1. Daye Special Steel No.4 steelmaking can provide a convenient channel for the company to find partners in the western market. Factory

frequency converter model: harsvert-a06/210

frequency converter parameters: 1600kw/6kv

application load: dust removal fan

application place: No.8 steelmaking electric furnace dust removal system

brief description:

No.8 electric furnace of Daye Special Steel No.4 steelmaking plant is an expanded 70t AC arc furnace. According to the requirements of steelmaking process, six different air volumes are required in a steelmaking cycle. Before the transformation, no matter what kind of operation stage the electric furnace is in, the dust removal fan operates at full speed, and the air volume is adjusted by the opening of the baffle, resulting in low efficiency and serious energy loss. After using the frequency conversion control, according to the requirements of the steel-making process, the frequency converter is used to control the flow of the fan in different stages, and the automatic switching and adjustment in the steel-making process greatly improves the operation efficiency of the fan. Since it was put into operation in August 2003, it has been stable and reliable, and achieved the expected energy-saving effect. According to the statistics of users, the power consumption of dedusting per ton of steel has been reduced by 17.39kw after the frequency conversion transformation of the dedusting system compared with that before the transformation h. The annual power saving rate is 58.63%, and the user has fully recovered the investment cost within one year

2. Fujian Sansteel (Group) Co., Ltd.

converter model: harsvert-a06/080

converter parameters: 630kw/6kv

application load: dust removal fan

application place: #4 converter dust removal system

brief description:

the fans of the original three dust removal systems of Fujian Sansteel (Group) Co., Ltd. all adopt hydraulic couplers for speed regulation, but due to the narrow speed regulation range of hydraulic couplers, the regulation accuracy is low, The response is slow, the efficiency is low when running at low speed, and it is often necessary to stop the furnace and replace the bearings. In the design of the new #4 converter dust removal system, the high-voltage converter is selected to regulate the speed of the converter fan. In fact, it operates at high and low speeds, and automatically switches according to the process requirements. After the frequency converter is put into use, compared with the hydraulic coupling speed regulation of the original three converters, the operation is stable, safe and reliable; There is no startup impact, and the system operation noise is greatly reduced; The energy-saving effect is remarkable, and the power consumption per ton of steel is greatly reduced. According to the user's electricity statistics, the annual electricity saving is 1.98 million kwh. Based on the local electricity but the quantity is always 1, 2, 3, 4,... N price of 0.51 yuan, the electricity cost saved is about 1million yuan

3. Hainan Yangpu Power Generation Co., Ltd.

frequency converter model: harsvert-a06/115

frequency converter parameters: 1120kw/6kv

application load: feed pump

application place: 11 boiler feed water system

brief description:

Hainan Yangpu Power Generation Co., Ltd. #11 gas turbine completed the technical transformation of oil to gas and was put into operation for power generation in September 2003, becoming China's first heavy-duty gas turbine using natural gas fuel. Its supporting # combined cycle unit is also the largest natural gas combined cycle unit in China at present, with an actual maximum output of 220MW. The high-pressure feed water system of the unit is mainly composed of two high-pressure feed pumps, pneumatic feed water regulating valves and related supporting valves/pipelines

due to the fact that some enterprises are also engaged in 3D printing silica gel line, the outlet pressure of the high-pressure feed pump is too high, and there is a huge pressure difference with the pressure of the high-pressure steam drum, resulting in vibration. In addition, the stiffness of the water supply platform where the pipe support is located is poor, and the vibration cannot be absorbed, resulting in high fatigue of the connecting rod. Finally, when the impact load occurs, it reaches the yield limit and breaks. Once the connecting rod is loosened or broken, the valve automatically returns to the full open position, and the feedwater flow reaches the maximum value, which makes the high-pressure steam drum water level rise rapidly. At the same time, the high-pressure feedwater pressure suddenly decreases, resulting in the interlock start of the standby pump. If the operator does not take measures in time, the three high values of the high-pressure steam drum water level will inevitably act to protect the turbine from tripping. Therefore, Yangpu Power Plant decided to choose high-voltage variable-frequency speed regulation to solve the above problems

through the statistical analysis and comparison of two months' operation, the reliability of the combined cycle has been significantly improved after the adoption of variable frequency speed regulation, which has improved the availability of the steam turbine, and has a beneficial impact on the safe and stable operation of Hainan power. Moreover, the auxiliary power consumption has decreased significantly. When the combined cycle operates for 24 hours, the auxiliary power consumption is reduced by about 15000 kwh per day compared with the original, and about 5.47 million kwh per year. Based on the local electricity price of 0.36 yuan/kWh, the annual power consumption savings are about 1.9692 million yuan. After calculation, the energy-saving rate reaches 60%, which has obvious energy-saving effect. Finally, Yangpu power plant came to a conclusion: "this technical transformation has significant economic and social benefits, and this technical transformation is very successful."

4. Douhe Power Plant of Beijing Datang Power Generation Company

frequency converter model: harsvert-a06/130

frequency converter parameters: 1000kw/6kv

application load: Fan

application site: #2 generator set

brief description:

Douhe Power Plant #2 unit (125MW) is a peak shaving unit. The unit carries% load during operation. The inlet of two suction fans is adjusted by baffles. When it is full load,the, The opening of baffle is 60%; During peak load regulation of the unit, the opening is only about 40%, with large energy loss and low fan efficiency. After adopting frequency conversion regulation, the operation is stable, the regulation is convenient, and the energy-saving effect is remarkable. After the field test conducted by the Chinese Academy of electric power, the results show that the energy saving rate of the unit is 46% at full load and 57% at 72% load. The annual electricity cost savings can reach about 1million yuan

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