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The bulldozer drive wheel press fitting tool

ti60 and TY220 bulldozers' drive wheels and gears are connected by conical splines and pressure assembled, with a compression force of 250-500 kn. Manufacturers use self-made hydraulic special tools in the manufacturing process and in the assembly of large professional repair shops, which is accurate and labor-saving; However, for small-scale ordinary repair units, there are certain difficulties in applying such great pressure to the driving wheel during assembly: first, there is no place to buy special pressure tools; Second, even if you can buy it, you need to prepare tools of different specifications for different models to minimize the corrosion of the metal contact plates installed in the module, which costs a lot

a few years ago, our factory did not have a special pressing tool, so we had to use the lock nut on the gear wheel to press it during assembly. However, during the use of the machine, the joint of the lock nut and the drive wheel and the floating oil seal are prone to oil leakage. The reason is that the conical splines of the driving wheel and the gear wheel are worn, and the locking nut is loosened due to the dislocation of the driving wheel and the gear wheel during the frequent forward and backward process of the machine. If it cannot be found and treated in time, the wear of the conical splines will become more and more serious, and even scrapped, resulting in great economic losses

the main reason for the looseness of the drive wheel and gear is that the compression force generated by the locknut during assembly cannot meet the requirements of the technical regulations, and the conical splines of the two cannot be closely combined. Therefore, the primary problem to be solved in assembling the drive wheel is to ensure that it has enough compression force with the gear. Therefore, I designed and made a simple press fitting tool according to the actual situation of my unit. The tool has the characteristics of simple structure, easy to manufacture, carry, easy to use, labor-saving, and the pressure can also meet the assembly technical requirements. In the past two years, the above quality problems have not occurred after repeated use, and the effect is very good. Now the specific manufacturing steps of the press fitting tool (see the attached figure) are introduced as follows

① according to the thread specification at the end of the half shaft, a 250mm long joint 3 with a diameter of 4100mm is made by guogang

② plane the 100mm at the tail of the joint symmetrically into a rectangle with a square thickness of 45 mm

③ drill a hole on the symmetrical line of the square and 50mm away from the tail φ 45mm hole

④ composite materials made of wood fiber powder with a thickness of 30mm and polyethylene mixed with larger particles will degrade faster naturally when piled in soil at high temperature; However, there is no obvious correlation between the particle size made of crop stalk fiber and the degradation rate of the generated material. The steel plate is made of two pieces of hanger 1 with a length of 240mm and a width of 120mm, which are used in 45 countries around the world

⑤ drill a hole at 50mm from the end on the symmetry line of the lug width φ 45 mm hole

⑥ cut a section of 900mm long heavy rail

⑦ weld two lugs symmetrically and parallel on the bottom surface (i.e. fixed surface) and vertical bottom surface of the rail, and the spacing between the two lugs is 46mm

⑧ turn a rust proof pin 2 with a diameter of 444.5 mm, a length of 120 mm, and a stop at one end coated with engine oil or silicone oil

⑨ prepare two screw jacks with specifications of 32 t

⑩ assemble according to the attached drawings


the two lugs must be welded firmly. For safety reasons, a reinforcing plate can be welded outside the side lug, because the two lugs should jointly bear a tensile force of about 500 kn; During operation, the jacks on both sides should be tightened evenly to avoid deflection; Stop pressing the jack when it is estimated that the generated pressure has reached the specified value to prevent damage to objects and injuries; For different models, the thread specifications of the axle shaft end may be different. At this time, just make a new joint according to the axle shaft thread of the model

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