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Yiling key project construction press the "fast forward key"

release date: Source: Three Gorges

recently, the Hubei Yimeng packaging material project with an investment of 230million has completed capital construction and some equipment installation, and entered the trial production stage. The project is a Mahonia paper production project of new composite materials with the shelf life of medium and high-end perishable food extended by two times introduced by Yiling District. Yiling Economic Development Zone has included the project into the scope of tolerance approval, and a construction license has been issued for the enterprise within three days, making the start-up time of the project two months ahead of the plan

efficient service and high-quality business environment have successfully moved the investors of Yimeng packaging materials project. Yimeng packaging materials project aims at rapid implementation and production. It has formulated a construction schedule, implemented weekly supervision and January assessment, and rewarded teams whose construction progress exceeded expectations, ensuring the construction progress of the whole project

since this year, Yiling District has taken enterprise evaluation as the first evaluation and the sense of non-toxic as the first feeling, and has escorted enterprise development and project construction with higher efficiency, better environment and better service. All units directly under the district conscientiously implement the spirit of "waiter" of "responding to every call and disturbing everything", take the initiative and serve at the front, work together with the enterprise, press the "fast forward" key of project commencement, and run out of the "acceleration" of project construction

after learning that the head of HengAn Fulin upstream pharmaceutical packaging enterprise has negotiated with many places and is ready to sign a contract, Yiling economic development zone and China Merchants Bureau strongly invited the head of the enterprise to visit Yiling, accompanied by the relevant heads of the development zone and China Merchants Bureau, from looking for factories, industrial and commercial registration to applying for talent apartments, and running on behalf of others, Entrepreneurs were moved by the business environment of "Yiling express", which is pro business and business loving, and the pragmatic style of the merchants' professionalism. Finally, the Xili pharmaceutical aluminum hose project landed in Yiling, and the Yiling biomedical industry chain replenishment action made positive progress

under the circumstances that the planning and design scheme of Baoshang copper project has been returned for modification and the land for the project has not been obtained, in order to ensure that the enterprise can achieve the goal of "completing the construction of the main workshop and putting it into operation by the end of the year", Yiling Economic Development Zone actively coordinates with the economic development group, that is, the district development and Reform Bureau, the district housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, the District Environmental Protection Bureau and other units after each re energization, and adopts the methods of "tolerance" approval, notification and commitment, review while building, and "nanny" service, The commencement time of the project was advanced by more than two months, saving the enterprise 3million yuan

this year's epidemic has brought difficulties to enterprises, such as blocked exports and declining consumption. Yiling Economic Development Zone has adopted the methods of "government matchmaking and enterprise cooperation" to open up the internal cycle. In May, Yiling local engineering materials products promotion tea meeting was held, which built a bridge between production and demand for 19 engineering materials production enterprises and 84 construction and real estate enterprises in the region. In June, the docking meeting of power engineering products was held, which led to the signing of cooperation agreements between Changyao power industry and 9 local enterprises. In October, the supply and demand docking meeting of Junyao dahealth's materials products under construction was held, realizing the "precision" of supply and demand docking. When using this equipment, you should also pay attention to the maintenance of equipment parts

at present, HengAn pharmaceutical formula granules, Changlian dule freeze-dried drugs, Zhaofeng technology instruments, Hengsheng sealed polytetrafluoroethylene construction, Zhenyuan Tongkang medical protection products, Yulong new energy battery relocation project, Zhongjing diamond gem and industrial diamond production, Xiao's tea refining Seventeen projects, including Liaoji bangbangbangji production, R & D and distribution center, were completed and put into operation to overcome the impact of the epidemic, and more than 20 industrial projects under construction, including the Three Gorges cigarette factory, Baoshang copper, Junyao health, were vigorously promoted

at present, Yiling District has formed the food and beverage industry with Junyao dairy and Wahaha as the leading enterprises, the biomedical industry with HengAn pharmaceutical and Changlian dule as the leading enterprises, the intelligent manufacturing industry with Haisheng technology and Yinling refrigeration as the leading enterprises, and the advanced basic material industry with Yulong new energy and Zhongjing diamond as the leading enterprises

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