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WASCO president visits Shanghai Chaohui on September 14, Mr. David, President of WASCO, accompanied by his assistant and electrical engineer, paid a one-day friendly visit to Shanghai Chaohui Pressure Instrument Co., Ltd. Mr. Wu Zhenghui, general manager of Shanghai Chaohui, and miss sunny, head of the intelligent operation external market of haishijin, expressed their warm welcome to the visitors of WASCO and accompanied them throughout the journey

During the visit, Mr. David, accompanied by general manager Wu, visited the main production workshops of Shanghai Chaohui. David said that as a 10-year-old pressure sensor manufacturer, Shanghai Chaohui has such a large scale that it is rare in the pressure sensor industry. Leaders of both sides also exchanged their entrepreneurial experience

the one-day visit enabled the leaders of the two companies to enhance their deep understanding of each other's corporate culture and products. Both sides said that there would be a lot of room for cooperation in the future. The visit of WASCO also greatly promoted the development of Shanghai Chaohui overseas department in North America

about Shanghai Chaohui

Shanghai Chaohui Pressure Instrument Co., Ltd. (ZHYQ) was founded in 1999. Many of the sensors have been successfully used in human finger twists and turns activity monitoring and facial muscle tension monitoring. Over the years, it has been committed to the research and development of industrial pressure transmitters, high-temperature melt pressure sensors, melt pressure gauges, industrial temperature sensors, tension sensors, intelligent digital pressure instruments, and temperature control instruments Production and sales; The discovery of such new materials is an unexpected joy for researchers in computer science and artificial intelligence laboratories. The company has passed the isq9001:2000 quality system certification

zhyq is one of the largest manufacturers of melt pressure sensor and melt pressure gauge in China. Advanced production and processing technology and perfect quality system make ZHYQ products enjoy a good reputation in China, Southeast Asia, China, East Asia, Europe, America and other regions in the field of testing instruments. ZHYQ products are mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber equipment, rubber and plastic extrusion equipment, hydraulic control, food machinery, medical machinery, automobile, air conditioning refrigeration, electric power and other industries; With stable quality, reliable performance and long service life, it is the preferred brand for customers at home and abroad. Chaohui company takes integrity as its corporate purpose, pays attention to talent development and focuses on technological innovation; Take talent technology as the concept, strive to develop, actively cultivate and introduce all kinds of scientific research and management talents, strengthen the development and application of high-tech, develop and improve the innovative management of market network, and provide quality services for our customers

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