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The president of Mittal mining group visited WISCO to seek mining cooperation

the president of Mittal mining group visited WISCO to seek mining cooperation

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Guide: on August 12, Peter, general manager of ArcelorMittal mining group, the world's largest steel company, led the managers of the group's Americas, Africa and Asia markets to visit WISCO to actively seek cooperation with WISCO in mining projects. ArcelorMittal Mining Group is an international

on August 12, ArcelorMittal aluminum plastic, the world's largest steel company, replaced deformation with displacement, which once failed to meet the experimental requirements. Peter, President of the mining group of composite pressure tube thal company, led the managers of the group's marketing departments in America, Africa and Asia to visit WISCO, actively seeking cooperation with WISCO in mining projects

ArcelorMittal Mining Group is a mining company with international scale, which leads the development, production and sales of ArcelorMittal iron ore and raw coking coal. In recent years, through mergers and acquisitions, it has 26 mines in Canada, the United States, Brazil, Ukraine and other countries, with a capacity of 51 million tons of iron ore. In the next five years, the company aims to produce 100 million tons of iron ore. The company's iron ore resources not only meet its own needs, but also actively seek external long-term customers. After global investigation, the company believes that WISCO has implemented the "going out" strategy in recent years to develop 26million tons of overseas resources, breaking through the monopoly of the three major international mining giants, and has achieved gratifying results in developing iron ore in Brazil, Canada and African countries. Peter, President, admires WISCO's efficient decision-making and execution in the field of overseas resource development, and hopes to carry out international cooperation with WISCO on mining and other projects as soon as possible

After years of efforts, WISCO international resources company and relevant departments participated in the reception, introduced the development history and production status of WISCO mining industry to the guests, and briefly introduced the resource development in America and Africa in recent years. During the exchange, the two sides found that they have many similarities in the selection of iron ore projects, decision-making ideas, intervention methods, etc. WISCO's strong technical team strength and ArcelorMittal's international affinity formed complementary advantages. ArcelorMittal said that it would prepare to communicate with WISCO on some specific mining projects as soon as possible, and conduct in-depth exchanges on Trade and equity through joint development, investment, purchase and other means

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