Preservation techniques of the hottest strawberrie

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"Strawberry" preservation skills at room temperature

strawberry fruit is bright in color, soft and juicy, and rich in nutrition. However, due to its high water content, soft tissue, vulnerable to mechanical damage and microbial infection, placed at room temperature for 1-2 days, it began to change color, taste and decay, and the commodity rate decreased rapidly. Therefore, how to prolong the storage and transportation period or shelf life of strawberry fruit is an urgent problem to be solved in production and sales. This paper mainly introduces some methods of keeping strawberries fresh at room temperature for convenient storage, transportation and sales

1. Chitosan preservation: take healthy strawberry fruits without disease and mechanical injury, soak them in chitosan coating solution for 20 seconds, take them out and dry them naturally, put them into plastic baskets with holes, the accumulation thickness of the fruits is cm, and store them at room temperature (℃). Keep the humidity above 90% for the first three days, and maintain the natural humidity (%) after three days. Store them for 5 days, and the good fruit rate reaches 85.2%. Formula of chitosan coating solution: 1.25% chitosan, 1.25% tartaric acid, 0.5% cellulose

2. Lysozyme treatment: according to a recent report in Japan, strawberry fruit treated with 1 unit lysozyme can prolong the shelf life of the fruit and can be well preserved for 3 days at room temperature

3. Plastic film packaging: first put the fruits in small containers, don't pile them too thick to avoid squeezing each other, and cover them with polyethylene plastic film to reduce evaporation and weight loss. With this treatment, the storage period of strawberry can be significantly prolonged

4. Dehydrated acetic acid treatment: gray mold is the main reason for the decay of strawberry experimental machine in the application of small panel control system for control and the collection of raw data. Dehydrated acetic acid is a broad-spectrum food preservative, which can effectively inhibit mold and fermentation, and increase the growth of mother and bacteria at this time. Soak the freshly picked strawberries in 0 In 5% dehydrated acetic acid solution for 30 seconds, the storage period can be significantly prolonged

5. Fresh keeping of fruit soaked in phytic acid: the chemical name of phytic acid is calcium magnesium inositol hexaphosphate. It has the effects of complexing metal ions, antioxidants and reducing pH value. If it is used in combination with other preservatives, its fresh-keeping effect is remarkable. Such as 0 15% phytic acid solution +0 10% sorbic acid +0.10% Peracetic acid can keep strawberries fresh for days at room temperature

if comprehensive measures are adopted, that is, harvest healthy strawberry fruits at appropriate maturity; Pick and place gently to prevent bruises on the peel and reduce the infection of pathogenic bacteria; Pretreatment (including chemicals, packaging, etc.) shall be carried out before storage, sterilization and corrosion prevention shall be carried out to avoid water loss, etc; Low temperature refrigeration can inhibit respiration, slow down metabolic reaction, inhibit nutrient loss, control bacterial reproduction, etc; Reasonable management, timely inspection, finding problems, taking measures as soon as possible and other comprehensive measures to improve the storage and fresh-keeping effect of strawberries

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