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The friction coefficient of green and safe food inspection is the lowest among plastics preservatives

Beijing food office took 59 kinds of food off the shelves

because the preservative benzoic acid was detected in the produced "Jinxiu Dadi" brand fresh water bamboo shoots, Beijing Jinxiu Dadi agriculture Co., Ltd., which has always been famous for producing green and safe food, appeared prominently on the off shelf blacklist. Yesterday, the Beijing food office once again removed 59 kinds of substandard food from the shelves in the city

2. The jaw quality is poor, and the sulfur dioxide exceeds the standard at most.

this time, there are a wide range of foods off the shelves, including preserved fruits such as plum, sweet potato and Valentine's olive, canned side dishes such as bracken, wild pepper, refreshing radish and crystal garlic, as well as seasonings such as beef jerky, pork pine, King soy sauce and soft white sugar. The main reason is that the sulfur dioxide residue exceeds the standard, and in addition, various pigments exceed the standard. Guangdong JieXi Maolin Food Industry Co., Ltd. is the major off shelves this time. A total of 9 batches of candied fruits, including "Maolin" brand Nongfu Hongmei, honey pineapple slices, and clear melon Ding, were off shelves at the same time, all of which exceeded the sulfur dioxide standard. In the past two years, a total of 14 batches of products in Beijing were unqualified, involving 10 enterprises. In addition to Jinxiu Dadi Agriculture Co., Ltd., the others were: Beijing shijihai Food Co., Ltd., Beijing Golden Sun Food Co., Ltd., Beijing Xinluo Food Co., Ltd., Beijing Guping Xinhai Trading Co., Ltd., Beijing Taiyuling Food Co., Ltd., Beijing Ocean Trading Co., Ltd Beijing Yuanzheng Food Co., Ltd., Beijing Hongbo Food Co., Ltd., Shunyi lishunfa condiment business department. Among them, benzoic acid was detected in "splendid land" fresh bamboo shoots (300g/bag, July 13, 2005), which became the most eye-catching product

the Municipal Food Office also announced that after rectification, the products of Beijing million manor Fast Food Co., Ltd. have been tested by relevant municipal departments. These vehicles are designed to meet the requirements of top standards and have been restored to the market. Previously, the total bacterial count of ham sandwiches and ham burgers in two batches of the brand exceeded the standard

the enterprise said that the fresh water bamboo shoots had been discontinued

yesterday, I visited meilianmei, Shanghai Hualian and other supermarkets, and I didn't find the sales of "splendid earth" brand fresh water bamboo shoots. Supermarket staff said they were checking the list of off shelves to clean up their food counters. A female staff member of Jinxiu Dadi agricultural Co., Ltd. told that this batch of fresh water bamboo shoots had long been off the shelves, and now they no longer produce and sell fresh water bamboo shoots

source: Beijing News

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