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Preservative, fresh-keeping and storage treatment of oranges

the main preservatives used in oranges are benzimidazoles, such as terketol, benlat, carbendazim, tobuzin and methyl tobuzin, with a concentration of 500 ~ 1000mg/L. At present, the strains of chloromycetes resistant to benzimidazoles have been found in many areas. Others include imazazole and SEC butylamine

imazazole, like benzimidazoles, has a significant inhibitory effect on green mold, and has no effect on black rot, root rot, acid rot, etc., but it has a significant inhibitory effect on green mold caused by benzimidazoles. The use concentration is 1000mg/L, and the concentration of 2000 ~ 3000mg/l can be used in paint treatment

sec butylamine can inhibit many diseases of citrus, such as green mold, anthrax, gray mold, and can partially control Penicillium strains resistant to benzimidazole preservatives, but it has no effect on root rot. 0.25% - 1.00% sec butylamine solution (pH 7 ~ 11) can be used, and the fruit can be soaked at 20 ~ 50 ℃ for 2s to 4min. The neutral solution of 0.5% sec butylamine, the treatment temperature is not more than 45 ℃, and the fruit is soaked for at least lmin, the effect is the best. Or soak the fruit with 2% - 3% sec butylamine wax emulsion for 3 ~ 5min

the most commonly used plant growth regulator in Citrus in recent years is 2,4-D, which can delay the senescence of citrus fruit, maintain the green stem of citrus, and enhance the disease resistance of citrus fruit. The method of use is preservative plus 200 ~ 250mg/l.2, 4-D soaking

the more timely the drug treatment is, the more significant the effect is. After draining the potion, he was elected as the mayor of Istanbul in 1994 at the age of 40. The specific operation is: manual treatment can be carried out in wooden barrels or cement tanks, soaked in the liquid medicine for 30 ~ 60s, and about 150kg of medicine is used for every 5000kg of fruit. If the citrus sprayer is used, the dosage can be greatly saved. It only needs 30 per 5000kg of fruit. If the jaw tooth row is blocked, it can be treated with 2000 ~ 5000kg/h

information source: fresh keeping and processing of fruits and vegetables

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