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17 kinds of interior coatings are not allowed to enter Shanghai because they directly affect the final test results. April 11, 2003 according to the provisions of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the former Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation and the General Administration of Customs on strengthening the supervision and administration of imported coatings, Shanghai entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau announced yesterday that 17 types of indoor coatings are not allowed to be imported for sale because the content of harmful substances exceeds the limit specified in the national standard

This is because both of them are elastomeric materials

it is reported that these 17 kinds of coatings come from 8 countries and regions, and the free formaldehyde and volatile compounds contained in the coatings are utilized to a great extent

compounds or the sum of toluene and xylene seriously exceed the standard. Shanghai port has successively tested four batches of coatings produced by an overseas company. The results of four tests show that the experimental amount of free formaldehyde in this coating per kilogram is 0.3 ~ 0.4 g, which is 3 ~ 4 times of the maximum limit specified by the state. The inspection and quarantine personnel shall not put on record, and shall immediately supervise their return to the country

people concerned remind the public that some imported coatings with excessive formaldehyde content may be sold in the market through other channels. Such coatings used for room decoration will seriously endanger the health of decorators and residents. Before purchasing the imported coating, citizens must carefully see whether there are inspection and quarantine anti-counterfeiting marks on the package of the goods

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