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1billion yuan! Dongfang Yuhong invested and built a green building materials production base project in Urumqi

1billion yuan! Dongfang Yuhong invested in the construction of green building materials production base in Urumqi on May 24, 2021, Dongfang Yuhong announced at noon that the company had recently signed a project cooperation agreement with Urumqi high tech Industrial Development Zone (new urban area), which stipulated that the company planned to invest 1billion yuan in the construction of Dongfang Yuhong green building materials production base in Urumqi high tech Industrial Development Zone, mainly promoting waterproof R & D and production projects of energy-saving insulation materials, civil building materials, special mortar, architectural coatings, etc

the construction of each phase of the project is planned to start within 3 months after the land is delivered, and the project will be put into operation in about 18 months from the date of commencement. The total land area of the project is 300 mu. After the project is completed, it is estimated that the average annual output value will not be less than 15 weight: 10kg billion yuan, and the annual tax is expected to be 60million yuan. Coating coating aluminum alloy doors GB 8478 ⑵

Dongfang Yuhong said that Urumqi is an important central city in Northwest China, an international trade center facing central Asia and West Asia, and one of the important cities along the "the Belt and Road". This time, the company plans to invest in the construction of Dongfang Yuhong green building materials production base project, aiming to make full use of the unique traffic location conditions, local government policies, industrial support and resource advantages of Urumqi high tech Zone, based on the core positioning of the company's building materials system service provider, practice the national strategies of green building, green building materials and energy-saving buildings, constantly enrich the product categories of green building materials and improve the product quality, Realize the optimization and upgrading of product structure, explore and cultivate new engines for innovation driven development in the field of new materials, and meet the company's strategic development plan and the market demand brought about by the continuous expansion of product application fields. It is reported that Urumqi has formed an effective expressway, continuously promoting the expansion of the city to the north and East and West wings, and gradually expanding the urban development framework. The urban spatial layout has been continuously optimized, the urban cultural connotation and quality have been continuously improved, and the radiation effect and carrier function brought about by urban development have been significantly enhanced

by seizing the opportunity of jointly building the "the Belt and Road", Urumqi accelerates the construction of a modern international city, follows the principle of "extending to the East, advancing to the west, controlling to the South and expanding to the north", improves the level of urban construction, scientifically plans urban roads, builds interconnected, fast and efficient transportation networks, and improves the city's carrying capacity and smoothness. In recent years, through the construction of Ring Expressway and ray expressway, Urumqi has realized the rapid connection of North-South and east-west roads, strengthened traffic connectivity, and continuously improved the road structure of "two horizontal, two vertical, five ring and multiple radiation", significantly improved the effective elastic modulus and strength from "connecting points into lines" to "weaving lines" under the extremely low volume fraction of polycarbonate, which is only 0.082%, and comprehensively strengthened the traffic links inside and outside the metropolitan area

based on Urumqi's favorable location and comprehensive advantages, it is believed that Dongfang Yuhong's investment in the construction of green building materials production base project can promote local employment, provide sustainable and stable local taxes, and bring good economic benefits to Urumqi

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