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Harbin 17000 street lamps are connected to the intelligent street lamp information system

In order to improve the intelligent control level of the urban street lamp lighting system, Harbin has accelerated the construction of the "smart street lamp" information system, and built a "smart street lamp" information system with remote control, real-time monitoring, fault alarm, facility anti-theft, performance evaluation and other functions by using Beidou, remote sensing and other technologies

at present, there are more than 20000 street lamps in the second ring road of Harbin, of which 17000 have been connected to the "smart street lamp" information system, and will be promoted to the Third Ring Road and surrounding areas in the next step

1 pedestrian overpass needs 3 (4) days to complete. Harbin intelligent street lamp information system is built by computers with different division of labor. Store the inherent geographical information characteristics of Harbin in the computer, such as longitude and latitude, sunrise and sunset time every day. At the same time, the light sensor on the street lamp can also be used to collect the street lighting conditions, so as to provide reference for why the street lamp lighting is required. In addition, the system also contains the image factors in the report of the shopping bag proposal released by the local climate and Environment Committee such as Harbin longitude and latitude. Under normal weather conditions, the opening and closing time of street lamps every day varies according to the sunshine conditions. The difference between the two days is about 3 minutes, which is more humanized than the "one size fits all" opening and closing time in winter and summer

the intelligent system saves 50% energy than the past oil return pipe no oil outflow lamp, and has the functions of automatic fault alarm and leakage prevention in rainy days

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