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On April 28, the recently established Beijing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology (hereinafter referred to as the Beijing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology) learned that 20 major industrial projects with a total investment of 11.66 billion yuan were about to start construction, and another 16 projects were completed and put into operation. These projects will create 16000 new jobs

Gou Zhongwen, vice mayor of Beijing, said that these projects will be the focus of Beijing's industrial revitalization. They will undoubtedly promote Beijing to form a new economic growth point. In addition, they can make a premonition contribution to Beijing's industrial growth target of 8% this year

it is understood that the operation of Beijing's industrial economy showed positive changes in March. In the first quarter, the decline in the value-added of industries above designated size decreased by 3 percentage points compared with the previous two months

Zhuyan, director of Beijing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, introduced that this year, Beijing industry will focus on promoting 168 investment projects, with a total planned investment of 159.2 billion yuan. In the same year, 23billion yuan of fixed asset investment will be completed. After these projects reach the production capacity, it is estimated that the new sales revenue will be 297.9 billion yuan, and the new sales revenue in the same year will be 36.7 billion yuan

among them, the high brightness LED production line of Tongfang Co., Ltd. and the timechip high brightness and refabricator 3D printing material recycling system are one of the 20 major industrial projects in Beijing, including the brightness LED chip production line carrying goods, the R & D base of the General Automotive Research Institute, Sinopec Beijing Yanshan Branch, which are ready to start construction. These newly started and completed major projects are characterized by large investment amount, high technical content, good economic benefits and strong driving ability. They cover the six major industries that Beijing focuses on developing. They are in line with Beijing's industrial positioning of high-end, high-efficiency and high radiation, and reflect the focus of industrial revitalization

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