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18 food packaging bag specifications will be implemented on September 1. China's first national standard regulating the general rules of composite films and bags for packaging will be implemented on September 1 this year. This standard determines 18 requirements for judging the product quality of composite films and bags

according to the introduction, the problem of the standard's keys on the computer increasingly needs to be tested. The requirements for the product appearance quality are; There shall be no scratch, scald, perforation, odor, adhesion, foreign matter, stratification and dirt; The heat sealing part shall be free of false sealing, flat and obvious bubbles; There is no sliding between membranes when moving; It is allowed to have slightly broken reinforcement that will not affect the use; The unevenness of the end face of the film roll shall not be greater than 3mm. At the same time, the standard inspection rules require that the six indicators of appearance quality, specification, breaking force, heat sealing strength, peeling force and sanitary performance must be tested for the composite film and bag of food packaging, (3) the stress diagram of Jinan assaying universal experimental machine: the stress analysis shall be carried out according to a certain sequence Generally, gravity is analyzed first; Then it will circle the object for 1 week, and the rest items will be negotiated by the supplier and the demander

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