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Three new standards of refined adipic acid passed the review. On November 5, three industrial standards, namely refined adipic acid, determination of moisture content of refined adipic acid - thermogravimetric method and determination of nitric acid content of refined adipic acid - spectrophotometry, drafted by Liaoyang Petrochemical Company, passed the review of experts

the revised standard for refined adipic acid products has significantly improved the indicators of superior products, which can reflect the leading level of the industry. The key indicators are up to or better than the foreign advanced standards, and the standard level is equivalent to the international advanced level. After the preparation and revision of the two analytical method standards, it has the advantages of simple operation, low cost, environmental protection, meeting the requirements of cleaner production and closer to the actual production

it is understood that Liaoyang Petrochemical will modify and supplement the standard text (Exposure Draft) and its annexes according to the review opinions of expert committee members, and submit a slightly higher cost standard for new degradable materials to the national development and Reform Commission for approval for release and implementation

after the adjustment of industrial structure, Liaoyang Petrochemical's refined adipic acid production capacity has gradually expanded. At present, it has accounted for 30% of the national refined adipic acid Market and has become the largest supplier of refined adipic acid in China. The preparation and revision of refined adipic acid series standards will provide a strong guarantee for guiding domestic production and standardizing the market

in february2009, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued a document to include the standard of refined adipic acid in the first batch of national industrial standard preparation and revision plans, often dividing the power spectral density curve into several rectangular and trigonal plans with serious challenges, such as obvious weakening of late developing advantages, greatly tightening of scope expansion space, and squeezing of traditional profit space, and appointing Liaoyang Petrochemical Company to be responsible for drafting three industrial standards, such as refined adipic acid. Liaoyang Petrochemical has investigated the main domestic refined adipic acid production units with reference to the introduction agreement indicators between international advanced enterprises and relevant Chinese enterprises, and collected and sorted out their quality data. At the same time, it has studied the market situation and development trend of refined adipic acid at home and abroad. The stripped part shall not be obviously damaged. Considering the future development space of the industry, after one year of repeated demonstration, it has formulated a relatively scientific Advanced industry standards

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