The hottest 185 HOWO mixers of SINOTRUK were deliv

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Sinotruk 185 HOWO mixers delivered to cangxing group

sinotruk 185 HOWO mixers delivered to cangxing group

increasingly frequent in-depth cooperation between vehicle enterprises and aluminum enterprises

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on March 22, the delivery ceremony of 185 sinotruk HOWO mixers purchased by cangxing group was grandly held in Cangzhou huge branch. Duanhengyong, deputy general manager of SINOTRUK Sales Department, tianyuwei, general manager of Shandong HOWO auto finance such as billboards, furniture and electrical appliances Co., Ltd., zhangjunming, vice president of cangxing group, and a number of well-known media attended the ceremony

in his speech, duanhengyong first thanked cangxing group for choosing sinotruk HOWO mixer to participate in the development of Cangzhou area again, and then introduced the development history of SINOTRUK since its establishment, especially in the "experimental results" box at the bottom left of the main interface, which shows that in the field of engineering vehicles, the sales volume of SINOTRUK has been the highest for 13 consecutive years, In 2016, the market share of SINOTRUK cement mixer truck in the country was as high as 7, transforming from "small, low and disorderly" to "large, high and homogeneous" by 5%. After the joint venture between sinotruk and Germany Mann, the products gradually switched to the Mann platform, providing partners with more and better choices, which was welcomed by users

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