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16 new careers announced! According to the news from the Ministry of human resources and social security station on March 2, the Ministry of human resources and social security, the General Administration of market supervision and the Bureau of Statistics jointly issued a notice on the career information of intelligent manufacturing engineering technicians (hereinafter referred to as the notice), and selected and determined 16 new career information, such as the distributor, artificial intelligence trainer and all media operator

Rookie network and many express companies have taken the situation of industry alliance as a notice. Specifically, the 16 new occupations are: intelligent manufacturing engineering technicians, industrial engineering technicians, virtual reality engineering technicians, chain operation managers, supply chain managers, contract distributors, artificial intelligence trainers, environmental protection inspectors of electrical and electronic products, all media operators, health care providers, respiratory therapists Birth defect prevention and control consultant, rehabilitation assistant technology consultant, UAV installation, commissioning and maintenance worker, railway comprehensive maintenance worker, and prefabricated construction worker

among them, about delivery personnel refer to the service personnel who are engaged in receiving and inspecting customer orders through the platform, etc., and deliver the order items to the designated place within a certain time according to the order demand and the intelligent route planning of the platform

main tasks include receiving, inspecting and checking customer orders through mobile intelligent terminals, including but not limited to quantity, size, specification, color, shelf life, price and address; Sort out the order items and arrange the delivery sequence; When handling unattended acceptance, rejection and anchor fatigue testing machine during operation, 1 must pay attention to whether the parts are loose or damaged, and submit solutions to abnormal conditions within 8 hours

artificial intelligence trainers are those who use intelligent training software to conduct database management, algorithm parameter setting, human-computer interaction design, performance test tracking and other auxiliary operations during the actual use of artificial intelligence products

main tasks include labeling and processing original data of picture, text, voice and other businesses; Analyze and refine the characteristics of the professional field, train and evaluate the algorithms, functions and performance of artificial intelligence products; Design the interactive process and application solutions of artificial intelligence products. This profession includes but is not limited to data annotators and artificial intelligence algorithm testers

in addition, the notice also adjusted and changed 11 career information. Among them, under the occupation of "administrative clerk", the work type of "administrative service comprehensive window clerk" was added; Adding "research assistant" under the "secretary" profession; "Salary tax division" is added under the occupation of "enterprise human resource management 1g=9.8m/s2 division". (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

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