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The general office of the State Economic and Trade Commission issued the notice on the release of the Tenth Five Year Plan for the sub industries of China's machinery industry, which will be implemented from now on

the notice points out that in order to implement the spirit of the fourth and fifth plenary sessions of the 15th CPC Central Committee and the requirements of the Tenth Five Year Plan for national economic and social development for the development of the machinery industry, the coal mine production capacity of normal production and transformation is 3.9 billion tons; The design and consideration of the newly built and contracted part are generally inadequate, and the coal mine capacity is 1.496 billion tons, The State Economic and Trade Commission has organized the formulation of the Tenth Five Year Plan for 17 key sub industries of the machinery industry (Electrical and electrical appliances, heavy mining machinery, petrochemical general machinery, instruments and meters, machine tools, basic parts of machinery, cultural office machinery, environmental protection machinery, food and packaging machinery, anti swing machinery for agricultural machinery conductors, engineering machinery, internal combustion engines, elevators, auto parts, large and medium-sized passenger cars, special vehicles and motorcycles), And release for implementation

the machinery industry has many kinds of products, a wide range of services and different industry characteristics. In order to guide the development of various sub industries more pertinently, the former State Bureau of machinery industry began to organize research units, intermediaries, key enterprises and relevant experts to carry out the research and preparation of sub industry plans two years ago. These sub industry plans were finalized after being revised, supplemented and improved by the industry planning department of the State Economic and Trade Commission

it is reported that these sub industry plans have put forward the development objectives, strategic structural adjustment priorities and policy measures of each industry, formed a sound industry development idea in the tenth five year plan, and are the refinement and supplement of the two national industry plans of the Tenth Five Year Plan for the machinery industry and the Tenth Five Year Plan for the automobile industry

the circular points out that these industry plans have important guiding significance for regions and machinery and automobile enterprises to formulate the "Tenth Five Year" development strategy and promote structural adjustment. They are also an important reference for national comprehensive departments, financial institutions, industry competent departments at all levels and user departments to carry out macro-control, formulate policies and layout productivity

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