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189 Chinese standards have become world standards. Zoomlion and many Chinese enterprises are helping

189 Chinese standards have become world standards. Zoomlion has joined hands with many Chinese enterprises

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recently, the 39th International Organization for Standardization Conference (hereinafter referred to as "ISO conference") held in Beijing once again focused Chinese standards on the center of the world stage. With the development of China's economy, China is also undergoing a role change from "made in China" to "Chinese standard" in the world trade pattern

Premier Li Keqiang attended the conference and delivered a speech at the conference.

those who get the standards win the world.

standard certification can be said to be the "pass" of international trade and can effectively break through trade barriers. According to the research of the organization for economic cooperation and development and the U.S. Department of Commerce, standards and conformity assessment affect 80% of world trade. As a standardization organization covering 98% of the world's gross national income and 97% of the global population, ISO is called the "technical United Nations". The ISO conference has also become one of the most important conferences in the field of world standards

nowadays, China has become increasingly influential in the formulation of international standards. As of May this year, 189 standard proposals in China have become international standards of ISO, especially in the fields of high-speed rail, nuclear power, communication, etc

South Korean media once reported that "China's high-end manufacturing industry, including high-speed rail and nuclear energy, is rapidly expanding the world market, resulting in 'China's industry standard becoming the world standard'.". Among them, there is no lack of dedicated efforts of Zoomlion

189 items in which the relative humidity is no more than 80% of the national standard has become a world standard. Zoomlion has joined hands with many Chinese enterprises!

dare to be the first

the crane technical committee of the international organization for Standardization (iso/tc96) was established in 1960. It is mainly responsible for the preparation and revision of international standards related to the design, terminology, wire rope, test methods, use, operation and maintenance of lifting machinery, including mobile cranes, tower cranes, jib cranes, etc., and has 9 sub technical committees. So far, 104 international standards including standards and technical reports have been formulated and issued. As a basic authoritative organization of international and industry, a large part of China's national standards are directly derived from TC96 standards

2012, iso/tc96 was moved from Britain, the birthplace of the industrial revolution, to Hunan, China, and Zoomlion undertook the work of ISO/tc96 Secretariat. It is the first international standardization Secretariat for China's equipment manufacturing industry, which is a milestone. At present, more than half of the 865 technical committees and sub committees of ISO and IEC are in Germany, the United States, Britain, France and Japan. 95% of the international standards formulated and issued by iso/iec are led by developed countries

iso/tc96, an international organization with high technical requirements, has settled in Zoomlion, which fully demonstrates the leading position and leading role of Zoomlion in the global crane industry, and is a major breakthrough in China's substantive participation in international standardization

11 experts gathered in Hunan to discuss the international standard for road cranes

since assuming the work of the Secretariat, Zoomlion has actively participated in the formulation of "rules of the game" in this field, gradually taking the initiative in the work of international standards and establishing the voice of international standards. It has put forward 12 proposals for international standards with convenient operation, and sent experts to participate in the preparation and revision of international standards such as mobile cranes, tower cranes, mobile cranes, road milling machines, etc

at the beginning of this month, the 25th annual meeting of ISO Crane Technical Committee (iso/tc96) was held in Changsha, Hunan Province. The meeting was hosted by the National Standardization Administration Committee and organized by Zoomlion. Xiang Lili, vice governor of Hunan Province, zhangxijun, chairman of the crane technical committee of the international organization for standardization, Fuling, Secretary of the crane technical committee of the international organization for standardization, and others attended the welcome dinner

Xiang Lili, vice governor of Hunan Province, said in his speech that Changsha enjoys the reputation of the capital of China's construction machinery. It has a number of well-known enterprises such as Zoomlion, and has developed a large number of world landmark products, such as the world's largest 2000 ton all terrain crane, the world's largest horizontal boom swing jack up tower crane, and China's first 3200 ton crawler crane

the conference lasted for 6 days, and more than 80 representatives from 11 countries including China, France, Germany and the United States attended the conference

this is the first time that the iso/tc96 annual meeting has been held in China, which reflects the full recognition and trust of the Committee and international peers in China and Zoomlion, and will effectively enhance China's voice in the international crane industry

as the undertaking unit of iso/tc96 Secretariat, Zoomlion led the Chinese project team to submit the proposal of cranes selectionoffiberrops/crane - selection of fiber rope at this annual meeting, which involved the material performance and structural requirements of fiber rope, selection and testing methods, selection and design of supporting structures to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, etc

if the project is implemented, it will fill the international gap in the crane industry, provide reference and normative guidance for the application of fiber rope in cranes, and effectively promote the industrial application of new high-strength fiber rope. (this article is from Zoomlion)

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