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Paint is a special main material in home decoration. It is understood that in general home decoration, the expenditure of paint only accounts for about 5% of the whole decoration cost, but it accounts for 80% of the whole decoration area. 100% determines the overall decoration effect and living environment, which directly affects the health of families

paint is a kind of material that can form a complete paint film and firmly adhere to the surface of the object. Early coatings were mainly composed of natural animal fats and natural resins. At present, synthetic resins are mainly used as film-forming substances. Coatings used for architectural decoration and protection are collectively referred to as architectural coatings. In China, architectural coatings have a history of thousands of years, but it has been decades since architectural coatings were classified separately. Therefore, the word paint is a big concept, which does not refer to paint or emulsion paint alone. More and more coatings are made by chemical synthesis, and the types and applications of coatings are more and more extensive. The coatings used in home decoration are mainly solvent based wood paint and interior wall emulsion paint

I. solvent based wood paint

1. Concept

polyester decorative paint is the main variety of solvent based wood decorative paint at present, which belongs to a class of polyurethane paint. It refers to the paint containing a considerable number of urethane bonds in the paint film, which is composed of main paint and curing agent. It is usually shown in the market as a three component package of paint, curing agent and diluent

2. Characteristics

at present, there are many varieties of wood paint sold on the market, with mixed quality. Users should pay attention to the following points when choosing to buy:

① first, identify from the outer packaging. Products produced by regular manufacturers have complete marks, and the factory name, address and trademark are clear

② the products of regular manufacturers are marked with the net weight of the products, and the weight is sufficient, without the appearance of short weight

③ whether the corresponding certificates and test reports of the products are complete, including: China Compulsory Certification, namely 3C certification; Comply with the national mandatory standard GB18581-2001; The national testing center issues the testing report

it is understood that in order to ensure home safety, the national certification and Accreditation Administration Commission, in accordance with the product quality law of the people's Republic of China and the regulations on the administration of compulsory product certification, The compulsory certification of solvent based wood paint was officially implemented on May 1st, 2004 (i.e. CCC certification, English Name: China Certification. Products with 3C certification can be sold in the market and ensure the safety and health of consumers in use.

④ the appearance of the product should be uniform, without obvious stratification and sedimentation; the curing agent should be clear and transparent, without opalescence and impurities; the diluent should be white and transparent, without peculiar smell.

⑤ the product should have good workability, easy brushing and fast drying Good hardness, no obvious brush marks, fine and smooth feel, no whitening

⑥ after construction, the odor is discharged quickly. Under the condition of good ventilation, there should be no obvious odor after 5-7 days

II. Emulsion paint

1. Concept

emulsion paint is the common name of emulsion paint. It was born in the middle and late 1970s. It is a large class of synthetic resin lotion paint represented by acrylate copolymer lotion. Emulsion paint is divided into interior wall emulsion paint, etc. according to the coating; According to the gloss effect, it can be divided into matte, matte, semi gloss, mercerized, gloss emulsion paint, etc; According to the base material, it is divided into pure acrylic paint, styrene acrylic paint, vinegar acrylic paint, tertiary carbon paint, etc; According to the decorative effect, it is divided into flat coating, roughening, texture coating, etc; According to solvent, it can be divided into water-soluble emulsion paint, water-soluble paint, solvent emulsion paint, etc; According to the decorative function, it is divided into general-purpose emulsion paint and functional (antibacterial, antifouling, etc.) emulsion paint

2. Characteristics

① water soluble interior wall emulsion paint

water soluble interior wall emulsion paint is pollution-free, non-toxic, no fire hazards, easy to brush, rapid drying, good water resistance, scrub resistance and soft color. Water soluble interior wall emulsion paint, with water as the dispersion medium, has no environmental pollution caused by organic solvent toxic gas, and has good air permeability. It avoids the film foaming caused by the temperature and pressure difference inside and outside the film. It is suitable for new wall coating that is not completely dry

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